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#61 13 years ago

The USA didn't win World War 2; they were on the winning side. It's different.


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11th June 2005

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#62 13 years ago

Lol, this could only be directed at Americans, as only an American could believe that's standard civilian life; to piss around with free time and sleep on down pillows. The reality is, I can't wait to join the services so I can get away from my 'free' life, even if it means going to a warzone, I don't care, it's generally gonna be alot nicer, atleast you will have people watching your back. Ironic that, I have to live in such a shithole while people target things at me telling me why I should appreciate them for protecting my way of life when it will be my lucky day to transfer to their life. (And if they are not telling me I should appreciate them, then they shouldn't be making up shit when they haven't been in a warzone and posting it about)

Whoever wrote this forgot to add how alot of people are half forced into the services from having no other stable career options because all the 'wonderfully free and good' people that are made up of red white and blue are too busy hogging the money.

I know half a dozen people who have been or currently are posted in the middle east, a friend of mine has died there and I know others who have. Not one person I know in the services could really give a single flying shit about 'freedom' or the 'war on terror' they didn't want to go to a warzone atol, They are there for their salary and the easy/stable job. Come to think of it they are all anti-americans (several being american) I'm sure they'd rather stick a bullet in the head of the twit who wrote this crap.

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7th November 2005

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#63 13 years ago
'LIGHTNING [NL']The USA didn't win World War 2; they were on the winning side. It's different.

where'd that come from?

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#64 13 years ago

Okay, I'll admit... it was a team effort. In turn, you have to admit the war took a turn for the better (for the allies), only after America entered it. Coincidence?


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#65 13 years ago
'LIGHTNING [NL']The USA didn't win World War 2; they were on the winning side. It's different.

Like I've said plenty of times in the past, it was a team effort. We were called the Allies for a reason after all. The Soviets, British, and Americans provided the backbone of the manpower to win the war, but even then without the support of smaller nations and resistance groups the outcome of the conflict could have been much different than what we know it to be. I was in now way saying that the US alone won the war, just that we were, as you said, on the winning side.