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#121 9 years ago

The culprit has been banned. For those who aren't aware of how things are handled here: Insults are against the rules. That includes rep-comments (and any other comment or post that might be abused in such a way).

For those who thought about taking revenge in some form: Please don't. Also, please don't discuss reputation-comments in threads as that is usually off-topic. If you have a problem with a rep-comment contact a moderator.

If you want the insulting comment removed from your profile contact an admin and send him a brief explanation or link to this post (this may take a while since they are very busy people). If you don't mind the comment and just want your rep-points back contact me and I'll reimburse you.


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#122 9 years ago

im guessing this thread is over now. i believe the anime likers have made their points and the thread shall be put to sleep. and thank you mrfancypants.

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#123 9 years ago

Vasili;4884493Lets burn his house down like an angry mob!

I have always wanted to do that...[/QUOTE] I have always wanted to also.

[QUOTE=AlDaja;4884518]Nah…don’t do that. Just let the mods take care of it.:cool:




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#124 9 years ago

Totally off topic, but I have to say that everytime I see MrFancyPants' avatar, I get an overwhelming urge to give him rep for that alone...

Goddamn Lee Van Cleef for being so cool.



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#125 9 years ago
Warforger;4879670Well I think its pretty pathetic how the Internet became the #1 place for porn, I bet the people who made it never expected that........

Just wanted to say this. The internet was popularized due to many factors, and one of them was the growing push by the pornography industry to make them (their products) available on the internet. The whole streaming videos was also popularized by that industry. I would give you guys the source for this, but I remember reading this on a book we were suppose to read for my criminology course.

Basically, the porn industry did a lot for the internets, so be we should all be thankful :>


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#126 9 years ago
Goddamn Lee Van Cleef for being so cool.



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#127 9 years ago
'[WOLF Ionizer;4884375']Hmm... I wonder if anyone has gotten any positive rep from this thread?

Some people did. :)


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#128 9 years ago

xBBx;4884498Looks like Blank Stare gave me negative rep too. I think his message was both hilarious and sad:

"What a geek... Go jack it to some Hentai you fucking sicko. Maybe it's normal on a lame gaming forum, but in the real world this type of crap is looked down upon." It's interesting that I was called a "geek" as he negative reps me on the FileFront forums. Also, that word never bothers me. I am happy the way I live my life and I respect those who choose to geek out when it comes to sports, cars, or traveling. Why must I be looked down upon just because what I am passionate about isn't considered the norm to most people.

Also, if you know anything of the Japanese culture, especially around Akihabara, you can't walk down most streets in Tokyo without seeing something anime related. In Akihabara, they even have eroges (dirty manga) available to the public. I would much rather be entertained by anime than idolize the false idols that most Americans do (Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, Paris Hilton, etc.) If you would rather drool over those women, go right ahead. I'll be busy with my anime, learning about the Japanese culture, language, and beliefs while you learn how to gracefully end up in rehab, have sex with a bunch of men without seeming like a whore, and how to wear a friggin gauntlet on your arm while you perform songs that promote drinking until you're delirious, rough sex, and arrousing a man just to "show him what you got"

Where do you live? I'm assuming in Japan or you've been to it for an extended period of time.

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#129 9 years ago
thebrassthief;4884753Where do you live? I'm assuming in Japan or you've been to it for an extended period of time.

Haha. Nah, I'm in Jersey close to NYC. I've been interested in Japanese culture for the past couple of years, so I read a lot of blogs discussing Japanese culture and their customs. I actually went to a Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) in Brooklyn, NY and it was amazing! I would love to experience one in Japan, but for now, that's the best I could do.

Watching anime has also helped in learning of their culture. For example: Before they eat, they put their hands together, bow their heads, and say "Itadakimasu", which literally means "I receive", but is used kind of like a "Bon Apetite" or how people say grace before eating.

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#130 9 years ago

I think the only Anime I've watched would be Sonic X, and alittle of the new Transformers...

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