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6th February 2003

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#1 16 years ago

to get to the point, can the StarbaseAI be modded in a mannor not to take away from the original file, but just add to it? a basic script of some sort, a flight plan to make it "move around" like a ship would.

i thought about this today when i was just screwing around with the QBR and accidentally selected starbase function instead of allow warp for the borg cube (one that i changed the HP's on myself to make it more cube-like). i knew something was strange when i noticed the cube not warping into the system or, for that matter, after searching 4 different systems, not moving when i finally found it. well i though i'd just let my fleet destroy the cube and continue with the rest of the mission. so i sent my fleet in to attack and all 6 ships were destroyed one by one. i started attacking the cube myself after i lost 2 ships in the first 15 minutes of battle. it was almost usless. it was like fighting a real borg cube from one in the series.


it was so amazing that i want to give you an in-depth analysis of every second of fighting. i will tell you this much, i spent most of my time targeting the 6 different tractor beams, because once engauged, they pull my ships in range for the kill (cutting beams). at times, i even saw 4 of my ships being pulled in by 4 different tractor beams. the battle went on for almost 40 minutes before i (the last surviving ship) had to break off the attack. it sadened me to do so as i was so close to destroying it. but the last volley of torpedos took out my senors and i lost sheilds just trying to get out of range. my hull could not take anymore damage (98%), especially with shields down. my warp core was at 30% damage. i had three working phaser arrays. 1 torpedo tube left that wasnt destroyed but disabled.

sry about this long post, but it was like nothing i had ever saw before. i never thought of this when fighting regular starbases. just take out the powerplant and its "lights-out." maybe because i never looked at them as ships:lol:

the only thing missing from that encounter was the ability for the cube to actually move while attacking. if creating this type of AI can be done, then this will forever change the entire scope of the current large-scale battle. just imagine, if an enemy ship is in range, then its being shot at, no matter how many targets there are, the attacks will be simultaneously.


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28th March 2002

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#2 16 years ago

hmm not yet possible. Perhaps someone will find a way in the future.