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2nd May 2003

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#81 15 years ago

I've been trying those handstand push-ups... pretty difficult if you ask me.

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30th January 2005

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#82 15 years ago
U-S of ACrunches are better but if your looking to have ripped abs then doing any ab work at all is pretty pointless unless you have an extremely low body fat percent, once you burn all of the fat away then you can do all the abs you want and youll be ripped as hell and the chicks'll be all over you. But if you have even the smallest layer of fat over your abs and your doing like a million sit ups a day then you are wasting your time cause sit-ups doesnt burn fat.

:gpost: very true . the abdomen is just a natural fat magnet. trim down the fat by doing more cardio and cutting carbos from your diet . a very efective crunch is the inverted crunch . it stresses the whole abdomen .