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31st December 2006

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#31 12 years ago

I have to hit the university for my first class at around 10, but it is so fun there that I usually arrive at around 9. I have school monday-thursday. I wake up and immediately take a shower(but I put it warmer so that it feels like I'm still in my blankets lol). I am wide awake after a shower. However, while I'm in the shower I can go for 10 minutes washing my balls over and over again. However, when I get out, I'm up. Then I find the perfect outfit, shades, and forces to wear. Warm up the car(only in the winter time), go back in and gather my books/laptop/cellphone/wallet, and anything else I left behind and then I'm out the door. So, I left at 8:50am to go pick up my friend, and I just got back home at 11pm... I got a lot accomplished today though. School, Taekwondo, out to eat, and then I went to go study. I guess that's my whole day.

Friday and Saturday I work, I am supposed to be there at 7am-3:30pm. It is kind of dreadful unless I want to see someone there(the waking up part, I don't have much motivation like I do for going to school), but my job is pretty fun after I actually get there :)

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28th November 2003

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#32 12 years ago

I could sleep to 06:00 today (fire extinction and prevention course instead of work) and I felt completely rested. 40 minutes more sleep really does wonders.


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8th August 2004

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#33 12 years ago

I hate mornings alot. I can't stand getting up early. I'm so tired and take ages to wake up. But I will be back to getting up early in about 3 weeks cause of school.


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7th May 2003

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#34 12 years ago
*SW3D3*;3489736Hehe no there is nothing wrong with being gay, but its just damn funny to read his post since about every second sentence sounds very gay:lol:

I know they sound (I ma not gay by the way, sorry, Clooney) but there' s also a psicological explanation: I grew up without a father and my fixed point was, well, myself, so I tend to consider myself my own God. For exemple, when I get mad I tend to say "I" five times, every time louder then before... Weird, I know.

Said like this sounds that I am the worst guy in the world but I am really a nice guy.

I am not gay. And yes, I am italian, that accentuates everything.



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7th March 2006

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#35 12 years ago

I am not a morning person at all. I almost always get up between 10:00 and 12:00.

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18th November 2004

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#36 12 years ago

Every weekday, Monday through Friday, I have to get up at 5 AM. I get up and go to the bathroom to shower, which takes a good 10-15 minutes considering the obscene amount of conditioner I have to use on my hair (look at my profile pic, you'll see why). When I'm done with that I wash my face, apply my acne meds, deodorant, moisturizer, etc. I go back into my room and get some clothes on, make sure everything's packed into my bag for school. By this point it's usually 5:30. Then I go to the kitchen, make myself some breakfast and eat. Depending on what I make, it takes 10 to 20 minutes. So, around 5:50 or so, I'm done and I turn on the morning news and watch for ten minutes before I have to leave at 6.

I'm on/off at being a morning person. Some days, like this Monday, I feel just fine. Other days, notably yesterday, I just don't want to get up and I sleep through my alarm until my mother forces me out of bed.


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25th March 2005

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#37 12 years ago

mornings----------> bah! me long sleep, nice girls :p oke, srry, but i hate mornings. When i need to go to school i try to stay as long i can in my bed. In the weekends i try to sleep as long as i can but of course my mom wants that i raise out of my bed at 10.00 like 'normally' every boy does! BULSHIT sex, girls and long sleeping, thats what i mean! sry for the spam!


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25th November 2003

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#38 12 years ago

I hate mornings. I have to get up for school every morning at 07:30-45 and most of the time i can barely drag myself out of bed in time so i'm not late. I usually get dressed and stuff in about 10 minutes, go out and start my car so it can warm up with it being winter time and all, come back in and grab a bite to eat, then i'm off for school.

On the weekends i wake up anywhere between 11:00-12:30.


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19th July 2006

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#39 12 years ago

not a morning person... no matter how early i sleep, i cant wake up earlier then 12 PM...