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#1 7 years ago

Gosh, this sounds like the title a Christian bot would type or something. But anyway. In the latest season of Inazuma Eleven, Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy, the final antagonist team is Ixal Fleet. Ixal Fleet is the team of the 11 remaining aliens from the planet Ixal, which was destroyed 300 yrs before the events of InaGala. Basically they were in stasis for 300 years along with 200 other survivors, but the rest of the survivors in stasis died, and the 11 wanted to take revenge on the galaxy and all its species. Now, the aliens from a magic sakka/football anime are hardly an ideal example, but they are one example where vengeance has driven people to borderline insanity. So, after this tad long prologue, here's my question: None of you are borderline insane, but do you ever feel like exacting revenge from somebody? Like a bully, an ex, a sibling, a parent maybe? Just a little plugin, Bitway Ozrock, the leader of Ixal Fleet, giving his team the order to attack. Basically the ultimate dislike.

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#2 7 years ago

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: It really depends on what you've done. For most people the worst they can do is fuck you over for a job, opportunity, or emotionally. And that's often easily repaid in kind. But as far as the violent kind of revenge? Well, there's only one person in the world whom I've ever hated enough to want dead.

Staying away from most people is one of the ways in which I avoid the makings of such situations. Most people just want what they can get from you and will discard you the moment they don't need you. That's just life, but the visceral revenge just seems like something that really only happens in movies unless you happen to live in a really shitty dictatorship where the leader of the militia killed your mother and/or father in front of you.

Realistically: as Doctor House once said, "People don't get what they deserve, they just get what they get."

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#3 7 years ago

I'm not particularly vengeful, but I'm motivated to remove threats to my interests - whether by warning them off, or socially crippling them, or by more immediate acts. And in acting against me you reveal yourself as being likely to be such a threat.

But I'm not a big fan of it - You can't balance the scales of peace and violence just by adding more violence. Violence only has tactical use, it's nudging things in a certain direction - creating the conditions under which other things that better serve your interests can become more dominant. Anyone who uses violence without an appreciation of the interplay between tactical moves and strategic ones runs a high risk of not getting what they want out of it.


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#4 7 years ago

Not really. Seems like a lot of effort. People are pretty easy to shut out of your life, most of the time it just takes inaction. Which is a 2 edge sword of sorts, as inaction can also lose your friends XD


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#5 7 years ago

No. I like to see people get what they deserve, but I wont force the issue. Well, unless they did something seriously heinous.


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#6 7 years ago

Cant say I am vengeful.

But I never forget those who go against me in life.