Band of Brothers - "Shifty" Powers has died... 25 replies

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25th April 2007

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#21 10 years ago

John Basilone...That guy got the medal of honor, and we tough as nails man...



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2nd October 2006

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#22 10 years ago
NiteStryker;4951628 Besides, they had Rambo 4. There ya go. That counts. (Burma and Mynamar are the same country for those of you that dont know. They wanted to change their name when the dictator Junta government took over. We intentionally call them Mynamar to piss them off. Like a kid whos name is Steve but we call him bitch).

"During World War II, Burma became a major frontline in the Southeast Asian Theatre. The British administration collapsed ahead of the advancing Japanese troops, jails and asylums were opened and Rangoon was deserted except for the many Anglo-Burmese and Indians who remained at their posts. A stream of some 300,000 refugees fled across the jungles into India; known as 'The Trek', all but 30,000 of those 300,000 arrived in India. Initially the Japanese-led Burma Campaign succeeded and the British were expelled from most of Burma, but the British counter-attacked using primarily troops of the British Indian Army. By July 1945, the British had retaken the country. Although many Burmese fought initially for the Japanese, some Burmese, mostly from the ethnic minorities, also served in the British Burma Army. In 1943, the Chin Levies and Kachin Levies were formed in the border districts of Burma still under British administration. The Burma Rifles fought as part of the Chindits under General Orde WingateAmerican-Kachin Rangers who also fought against the Japanese. Many others fought with the British Special Operations Executive. The Burma Independence ArmyAung San and the Arakan National Army fought with the Japanese from 1942 – 1944, but switched allegiance to the Allied side in 1945. from 1943-1945. Later in the war, the Americans created under the command of In 1947, Aung San became Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council of Burma, a transitional government. But in July 1947, political rivals assassinated Aung San and several cabinet members"

Burma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chindits - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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1st November 2007

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#23 10 years ago

dreadlord12;4951531The Pacific


Apparently a Sherman tank from a local war museum around me was bought for use in this movie.

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18th November 2004

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#24 10 years ago

That trailer looks really good...hopefully it lives up to the precedent they set with Band of Brothers. If it's as good, I'll probably get the Blu-Ray box set of those, too.


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#25 10 years ago

EO Violation;4951186Old news.

Shame though, sad to read about our World War II veterans dying. Pretty soon there will be none left...

Its not that bad I'm a WWI fan and all.......

C'mon MJ didn't die for ANYONE, this guy went through more then he did, I seriously would rather kill MJ myself then let a soldier die, especially a former vet of our last good war we had.

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29th January 2005

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#26 10 years ago

I don't think these veterans would have wanted people to dance around them and throw roses at their feet. They like being remembered, but bitching and moaning about MJ's treatment in comparison to theirs is not really the way to go. Really, building cults of personalities around them is no better than what celebrities do.

All that matters for these veterans is that they were remembered by their families and closed ones. At least he wasn't one of the veterans who rot away in VA hospitals with no family over looking them.