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2nd April 2003

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#61 14 years ago

#1. Israeli Special Forces and Seal Teams Israel: For it’s Urban/ Guerilla/CQB/and hand to hand, as they teach a lot of hand to hand to all SpecOps around the world. But they are limited, or limit themselves so to speak. Seal Teams: Go Anywhere, Anytime, within minutes of page to mobilization. Best at infiltration under any condition.



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30th March 2003

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Delta Everybody's heard of "Delta Force." However, most of what you've heard is probably wrong. Almost every aspect of Delta is highly classified, including their training program and organizational structure. Back in 1977, when hi-jacking aircraft and taking hostages seemed to be the "in thing," an Army Special Forces officer, Colonel Charles Beckwith, returned from a special assignment with the British Special Air Service (SAS), with a unique idea. He sold the idea of a highly-trained military hostage-rescue force, patterned after the SAS, to the head-honchos at the Pentagon, and they approved. The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment, Delta was created. Most military "experts" believe that Delta is organized into three operating squadrons, with several specialized groups (called "troops) assigned to each squadron. Each "troop" is reported to specialize in a main aspect of special operations, such as HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) parachute operations, or scuba operations. Delta is the most covert of the U.S. Military Special Operations Forces. Delta is sent when there is a tough objective, and we don't want anyone to know that there was U.S. Military involvement. Delta is rumored to have their own fleet of helicopters which are painted in civilian colors and have fake registration numbers. Their special training facility is reported to be the best special operations training facility in the World, including "close-quarters-battle" indoor facility nicknamed the "House of Horrors." Delta recruits from U.S. Army units World-wide, twice per year. After a very extensive screening process, applicants reportedly attend a two or three week special assessment and selection course. Those who make it through the course, enter the Delta Special Operators Training Course, which is estimated to be about six weeks in duration. Delta Force is primarily comprised of hand-picked volunteers from the 82nd Airborne, Army Special Forces and Army Rangers. Delta is said to be the best in the World at close-quarters combat. The highly-classified Delta operations facility is reported to be in a remote location on Fort Bragg, NC.

---------------------------------------------------- 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment DELTA

The U.S. Army’s 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1stSFOD-D) is the U.S. Army's special-operations unit organized for the conduct of missions requiring a rapid response with surgical application of a variety of skills. Delta plans and conducts a broad range of special operations across the operational continuum. Delta is organized for the conduct of missions requiring rapid response with surgical applications of a wide variety of unique skills,while maintaining the lowest possible profile of U.S. involvement. Delta's soldiers are carefully selected and specially trained. Delta conducts worldwide recruitment twice a year prior to its fall and spring assessment-and-selection courses. Assignment to 1st SFOD-D involves an extensive prescreening process,successful completion of a 3 to 4 week mentally and physically demanding Assessment and Selection Course, and a 6 month operator Training Course. Upon successful completion of these courses officers are assigned to anoperational position within the unit.

The Delta Force was secretly created in October 1977 by US Army colonel Charles Beckwith in direct response to numerous, well-publicized terrorist incidents that occurred in the 1970s. From its beginnings, Delta was heavily influenced by the British Special Air Service. Delta Force was designed as an overseas counter-terrorist unit and specializes in hostage rescue, barricade operations and reconnaissance. Delta Force is comprised of volunteers mainly from the 82nd Airborne, Special Force Green Berets and the Rangers. Delta is one of two principal US government units tasked with counterterrorist operations outside the United States (the other being Naval Special Warfare Development Group).

Delta is reportedly organized into three operating squadrons (A, B, and C) which are subdivided into small groups known as troops. It is repoted that, as with the SAS, each troop specializes in HALO, SCUBA, or other operational skills. Delta also maintains support units which handle selection and training, logistics, finance, and the unit’s medical requirements.

Delta units deployed to Saudi Arabia in 1990 to serve as bodyguards for senior US officers and, later, as part of a massive effort to locate and destroy mobile SCUD launchers in Iraq’s northern deserts. In 1993, as part of Task Force Ranger, Delta took part in operations to apprehend warlord Mohamad Farah Aidid in Mogadishu, Somalia. A small advance team was sent to Lima, Peru immediately following the takeover of the Japanese Ambassador's residence in January 1997 along with six members of the British SAS.

I choose Delta as you can see. Just a bit of info about them^. They and the SAS are very, very similar. (Delta was formed with the SAS in mind and they still work very closely) I guaruntee that most Western Special Operations Forces and Special Forces work together. For example the SEALS works with GSG-9, KSK, the Norwegians, and others.(Spec ops and special forces mean two different things btw!)'s basically what Mihail was this quote..[i agree with what he said]

Lock up a bunch of military members in a room, ask them to debate which Special Operations Group is the best. However, don't make any plans for the immediate future. They'll still be arguing about it when the beer and potato chips run out.

I'll let you in on a little-known secret. There aren't any "best." It's like asking which is the best doctor, a brain surgeon or a heart surgeon? Both are doctors. Both graduated college, and then from medical school and then successfully completed a residency. Both have the skills and knowledge of general medicine. Both can diagnose and treat many illnesses, even those outside of their primary specialty. However, each are "best" in their specific specialties.

Special Operations Forces are just like that. Each are highly trained in general combat and small unit tactics. Each one can be used for many general special operations missions. However, each Special Operations Group is primarily trained for specific type missions. If one wished to attach explosives under the water line on an enemy ship, for example, Army Rangers would not be the best choice. In this instance, the Special Operations Force with the most training and experience in underwater combat operations would be Navy SEALS. On the other hand, if one needed to deploy a highly trained light infantry force well inland, behind enemy lines to destroy a significant military target, you can't do much better than a company of Army Rangers.


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Correct, it's comparing apples and banana's. That's why I said it's about what you like more I personally like the OMOH(Kind like the american swat team) special police, and the french GIGN.


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Isreali special forces are the best in the world as some have said. I think the SBS are second to them and another special force.

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RevenMrFancyPants - If you live in Britain or get British TV Channels then UKHistory and The History Channel have good programs on. One series that is on all the time is called Daring WW2 Missions and it follows the stories of the SAS Missions throughout WW2. Very interesting.

Thanks for the tip, maybe I'll be able to get History Channel during my holidays, I'll look for these series then.


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Don't piss off the Jews!