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Hey, use this thread to tell information about yourself! Say anything you want. Name: Jason (Jake) Alexandria Kurt. Born: Houston Texas Hobbies: Drums, swimming, biking, running, football, music, and women! :p Anyway, I was born into a Christian family in Houston Texas. I was raised there until I was ten, and then we moved here to Taylor Mill, Kentucky. Kentucky rules. It is nice and hilly here. The climate is awesome as well. I like to run on my free time, along with bike. I also like to swim and play drumset. I am not too good at the drumset but I am getting okay at it. I got two brothers, James and Devin, who are annoying little kids. I got three cats, Lucky, Mr. Biggles, and Little Nicky. I got two annoying parents, and a gigantic family on both sides with many aunts and uncles. Was born in April in 1988, and I am 16 years old. I got my drivers liscence, and a job at Taco Bell. Who else wants to go? ;)

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i dont feel liek typing everything out so go here