Blasphemy Concealed in an Art??? 16 replies

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20th February 2008

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#1 10 years ago

I have a friend who forwarded a quote she received yesterday. It was about the song of Lady Gaga. It's very intriguing. And I was, honestly, shocked. I like Lady Gaga but I am as well catholic who believes in God. The quote said Lady Gaga is a satanist and anti-Christ. Here's the story...


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16th March 2008

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#2 10 years ago

Well, I've never really cared much for her stuff, but at first I got the impression that the song was about Gaga being in love with all the guys mentioned, who unfortunately for her, were all gay. =p I dunno, there's just something about the background dancers' movements and clothing (or lack thereof). Then there was a part in the video (that's right, I watched it - the whole bloody nine minutes!) around 3:26 where several of them paired up.

But whoever these three guys are supposed to be, overall I just feel like it's a song about how she feels a clash between her religious beliefs (which I know nothing of, mind you) and her love life. At the end of the video, she gets thrown around and groped by the group of men, while she wears her religious getup. It looks like there's plenty more details in the video, but I don't really feel like getting into that right now.

One thing that interested me, though, was how there were a few shots where she was behind a bent over man in one of the many sexual positions featured. Usually you would see this the other way around. Perhaps it was showing that she felt brief moments of dominance over the men?

Anyway, calling her the anti-Christ seems like a bit of a stretch. =p




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24th September 2007

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#3 10 years ago

Blasphemy? In my Art!? It's more likely then you think. Free Art check.


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20th April 2007

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#4 10 years ago

Okay, I'll be honest.

At 3:39 of the video, I'm visually and mentally disturbed.... As for the whole meaning of the song? I'll have to agree with frieden, probably just a song about her clashes in love life. I don't really see Lady Gaga as a religious person and from the way she acts I doubt she's a religious person either.

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26th May 2003

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#5 10 years ago

Even assuming that the comparisons are true, not everyone who enjoys blasphemy is the anti-christ.


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25th November 2003

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#6 10 years ago
The quote said Lady Gaga is a satanist and anti-Christ.

I lol'ed.

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29th January 2007

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#7 10 years ago

Wait you mean all I have to do to make myself into the antichrist is to say I'm not one of god's flock, not a child of his child and that the holy spirit has no sway over me? Awesome.

Either way - does Gaga even write the songs herself or does she merely have people that write the lyrics for her?

And even if she did write it herlself it's probably just a collection of names that rhyme.

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9th December 2003

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#8 10 years ago

I would hope it takes a bit more then a few lines that leave a lot open to interpetation to be labeled as a (the?) antichrist. Or else half the world might fit that definition! Now being agnostic myself I can't say I'm worried at all, I'd tell you that matters is if she or any other person 1) amuses/entertains you, 2) If this person has a known history of doing things you either admire, support or are greatly offended by. (...) The lyrics talk about Gaga defending herself against a harem of Latin men and has a number of ABBA allusions, including a reference to their 1976 song "Fernando", which Gaga cited as one of her influences.[8][11]

Edit: This is what wikpedia has to say about it for what is worth it:

Spoiler: Show

(...) where Gaga sings about bidding farewell to her lovers. It was inspired by Gaga's "Fear of Sex Monster"*. (...) The music video received from mixed to positive reviews, with critics complimenting its idea and dark nature, while the Catholic League attacked Gaga for her use of blasphemy, despite Klein dismissing the idea and claiming the scene in question (the swallowing of the Rosary beads) was Gaga's "desire to take in the Holy".


The song opens with the weeping violin, as a distressed Gaga sings: "I know that we are young, and I know that you may love me/But I just can't be with you like this anymore, Alejandro." The track then changes to a stomping Europop beat. Gaga bids her ex-lovers farewell with a bitter-heart pre-chorus where she sings: "You know that I love you, boy/Hot like Mexico, rejoice!/At this point I've got to choose/Nothing to lose." By the end of the song, the three protagonists – Alejandro, Fernando and Roberto – are bid farewell by Gaga.[7]

(...) A good part of the video is dedicated to the Broadway musical Cabaret[55] with a dance scene dedicated to Bob Fosse. The video begins with soldiers sleeping in a cabaret with a close-up of a soldier passed out in fishnet stockings and heels as another lone soldier stares into the distance.[55] The scene then cuts to male dancers performing elaborate choreography while marching forward. As the intro of the song begins, Gaga is shown leading a funeral procession, carrying the Sacred Heart on a pillow. When the lyrics begin, she sits on a throne wearing an elaborate headpiece and binocular-like eyepieces, with a smoking pipe in her hand, watching her dancers perform a rigorous routine in the snow.[55] Gaga is then seen as the character Sally Bowles from Cabaret, dancing and simulating sex acts with three men on a stage with twin beds surrounded by spotlights, all wearing nothing but underwear, intercut with shots of Gaga lying on a larger bed dressed in a red latex nun outfit.[56] She subsequently appears dressed in a white hooded robe reminiscent of Joan of Arc[57] with her dancers, before a shot of her as the nun eating a rosary. After this, Gaga and her dancers are shown in a sequence in black-and-white in their military uniforms performing a tribute dedicated to the late choreographer Bob Fosse, who won an Academy Award for his direction of the film version of Cabaret.[58] Gaga is seen in a blonde bob and a similar outfit to one of Liza Minnelli's performance costumes. The video moves to a scene of her wearing a bra equipped with AR-15 assault rifle barrels and her dancers performing another dance routine. She is then shown in the empty club, scenes of war breaking out flash by, and the lone soldier appears again.[59] Going back to the Joan of Arc scene, she struggles with her dancers and disrobes. The video ends with her dressed as the nun, the film burning away from her face ds. [55] Klein explained that the video was, "about a woman's desire to resurrect a dead love and who can not face the brutality of her present situation. The pain of living without your true love."[60]


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1st January 2005

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#9 10 years ago

I didn't even bother watching the clip because I've seen Gaga's theatrics and she really hasn't come up with much anything new since she made it big. I've always likened her to Madonna, whom was also very rebellious growing up. Other than that I think it's just theatrics onstage like I said.

People have said the same about Ozzy Osborne, but Ozzy insists people aren't getting the meaning of his lyrics and antics onstage. In reality he's been a pretty faithful family man. God forbid the majority of the public would ever start taking such criticism seriously, there'd be no creative license left in art.

Did it ever once occur to them that these artists are just portraying onstage the many temptations that face one living the life of a rock/pop star? It doesn't necessarily mean they're endorsing succumbing to them.

I find it ironic that some of the hardcore religious groups out there are quick to jump on such artists, yet they never talk about all the atrocities and war caused by missionaries and religion itself.

You're going to find a certain amount of good and bad people in rock/pop artists AND in religious people. Once you lose sight of the fact that being born in the flesh makes ALL humans vulnerable to temptation, you can easily be brainwashed by such rantings.

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17th June 2002

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#10 10 years ago

I was always under the impression that, much like there has only been one Christ, there could only be one anti-Christ. I'm not familiar with the details of the theology on the matter, of course, but just how many bloody anti-Christs could there possibly be?

In the last ten years alone the evangelicals of the world must have declared at least a couple of dozen well-known celebrities / politicians / terrorists etc to be anti-christs. Eventually the term will lose its meaning, 'cause we'll all be the frigging anti-Christ.

See? I've already said anti-Christ so many times in this post alone that anti-Christ has lost its meaning!

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