Buys House and Finds Cache of Arms 15 replies

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#11 12 years ago
nanobot_swarm;3914013how much?

A Legal C3 weapon, probably $20-30k a pop if you were selling it properly. Assuming it's real of course, he does fit the retarded moron theme suspiciously closely.


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#12 12 years ago

judging from the post above those guns are worth a small goldmine which is now going to government :S it seems that guy is a moron who has problems with paranoia


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#13 12 years ago

The guy who owned the house probably was a collector, the should at least sell them to a museum or something. Some of those guns look rare and are hard to come by. What kind of fool would want them destroyed?


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#14 12 years ago

AHH what a fucking pussy! he hopes they are destroyed?! I think I see a Winchester 1897 in there, and it looks like its in damn good condition too... somebody beat some sense into that guy! if I felt I was in danger THATS what id be sleeping with, not a goddamn cell phone! "Thank God they are off the streets and now pose no harm to the children." fucking typical hand wringer language.. hes worse than a hoplophobe, hes a fucking sad excuse for a man. in one of his replies he says hes a decorator... that explains a lot

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#15 12 years ago

After reading some of the responses and his replies, it seems to me like it's a joke.


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#16 12 years ago

THERE'S AN AKMS IN THERE. I WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!1 But yeah this guy is really stupid.

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