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#1 11 years ago

Warning, some reading follows, and is intended for those who have nothing better to do, if you have something better to do...go do it

Here's my story: I'm driving home on a dirt road at night in my 2000 intrepid (70,000 miles, good condition) with a friend in the car (we're both 16). It's all good, going about 35-40mph, listening to the radio, until out of nowhere something appears in the road (remember this is a dirt road and its dark out). My first instinct is to swerve (which is what you're not supposed do) and then I lose control, and go into the ditch. After a few ...."select words" and sitting there for a sec taking in what had just happened, we get out to survey the damage. The whole front fender is all messed up [scratched, dented, and ...hanging off of the car] and there's a liquid leaking out on the ground. At this point...I realize I'm screwed (I'm dad is going to kill me). I get in the car and somehow manage to get it out of the ditch, and drive home...and think for a while. I've learned a few things (silver lining) and also learned something, and that is: Modern day cars are super shitty when it comes to quality...and fenders are a rippoff. Well there's my story...I felt that I had to share it with, feel free to add your own incidents if you've had any.