Cats or dogs what do you prefer? 63 replies

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#1 8 years ago

I like cats becuase there cute and cuddly, they purrr and there just so lovable.

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#2 8 years ago

Dogs. Because they can bite people in a meaningful way.

Of course rocks and other inanimate objects are even better.

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#3 8 years ago

[COLOR=orange]I greatly prefer dogs.[/COLOR] [COLOR=orange] [/COLOR] [COLOR=orange]Cats see you as nothing more than slaves. As for dogs, they see you as friends and companions. Unlike cats, dogs also possess the loyalty needed to save people’s lives.[/COLOR]


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#4 8 years ago

I have had a dog once, but many more cats. I greatly prefer cats to dogs. Whilst they're not as "flexible" in being a loyal friends as dogs, cats certainly manage to provide more companionship and general cheery mood for me. I love my cat more than anything else!

He does whine to be fed way too much though. A spoiled personality, I must say! :cheer:

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#5 8 years ago

I have an affinity towards cats though I love them both.


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28th October 2005

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#6 8 years ago

I don't particularly like either. I don't really like any animals, not to say I dislike them though. I'm indifferent in general to creatures.

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15th March 2005

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#7 8 years ago

Holy shit there's no weed in this thread.

Holy shit I just ruined it.

Dogs. I love cats, don't get me wrong, but I'll always be a dog person.

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#8 8 years ago

Dogs, Im just love dogs, they love you so much more.

Helps Im allergic to cats.. <_



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17th August 2007

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#9 8 years ago

I like both, but I prefer dogs. Mostly because I've had bad experiences with a lot of cats, and I'm allergic.

My dogs always greeted me with such energy and walking them is probably the only time I ever go outside.


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#10 8 years ago

I love dogs. I've always been very attached to dogs ever since I was a little kid, and I still can't get enough of them.

Cats are a different story, I dislike them. I don't hate them but I will never ever own one. I've been a dog person all my life and always will, they are just so much more loyal, intelligent and funner than cats.