Cats or dogs what do you prefer? 63 replies

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28th July 2004

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#11 9 years ago

I love cats, they are independent, give them food, water, and clean their box, they're happy! Also I love my little princess kitten mary, she likes snuggling under the blankets against my tummy ^.^

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15th September 2004

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#12 9 years ago

Kyrillix;5488236I have had a dog once, but many more cats. I greatly prefer cats to dogs. Whilst they're not as "flexible" in being a loyal friends as dogs, cats certainly manage to provide more companionship and general cheery mood for me. I love my cat more than anything else!

He does whine to be fed way too much though. A spoiled personality, I must say! :cheer:

Cats are also relatively cleaner animals. The only problem with them is they have a personality, so they like to do what they want to do.

Overall, most cats love attention (sometimes too much) and love getting pet, so that plus the cleanliness is why I prefer cats slightly over dogs.



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7th January 2011

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#13 9 years ago

I prefer cats but lately I've been wanting a German shepherd. Around 2001 my family had a cat named Daisy who was pregnant four times in one year. Four litters of six kittens each in one year--now that was fun. The little buggers would stampede through the house in the middle of the night playing, little thumps running on the hardwood floor. Such a fun year...I had pictures but my father's damn hard drive crashed and we lost them all. :(

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10th August 2004

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#14 8 years ago

Dogs, taking care of my friends cat over Spring break was enough to confirm that for me.


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7th December 2003

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#15 8 years ago

I don't mind cats, but I prefer dogs.

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29th May 2008

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#16 8 years ago

Never been a big cat person. They are boring, they feed themsleves, they walk themselves even amuse themselves. They only come to you for attention and perhaps food.

Dogs FTW.



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5th August 2003

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#17 8 years ago

Neither. I dislike dogs and cats equally, especially the ones that shed all over the place. Dogs are disgusting creatures and cats are just assholes.


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13th December 2009

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#18 8 years ago

I like them both ... when they're small. So cute. BY SMALL I MEAN YOUNG! YOUNG !



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29th February 2004

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#19 8 years ago

Cats, 'cause they don't take shit from no one.


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7th March 2003

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#20 8 years ago

Cats are clever - dogs are stupid.