Cats or dogs what do you prefer? 63 replies

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15th May 2003

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#61 8 years ago

I've had dogs my entire life. I think I've had 8 or 9 dogs at this point total. Maybe even as many as 10 I am not sure though. :) Dogs are awesome. Cats are too. I love both, it's hard to choose one or the other. There should have been a "Both" option, haha.


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#62 8 years ago

I hate cats because I 1) recently found out I'm alergic (puffy eyes, non-stop sneezing. The whole 9 yards) and 2) they are SUPER territorial. If you so much as come near a cat their hair will stand up and they hiss, which is creepy in and of itself. Dogs come up to you. They jump around, sit with you, and above all you can't walk a cat, unless... 130201396907.jpg


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9th March 2008

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#63 8 years ago

Im a dog man. I have a doberman and shes like my baby xD Never had a cat, never will.

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9th December 2003

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#64 8 years ago

Dogs are cool but I like cats more. They can sleep more easily on your lap, in bed etc. and you don't need to look after them 24/7. And the purring and meows are a lot better then those barks... :)