Circuit City to go out of business. 38 replies

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19th September 2006

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#21 11 years ago
AlDaja;4772938Circuit what?...oh that store.:agreed ...go to Micro Center (if you have one) save time and money.:nodding:

the closest Micro-Center to me is in the Denver Tech Center (about an hours drive there and back). I went there a few weeks ago, and comparing prices to Newegg, a lot of their stuff was $20+ more, including shipping.. I'll stick with Newegg for the time being. Stores are just nice if you need instant gratification and dont want to wait 3 days for shipping or pay $100+ for next day shipping.

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8th October 2006

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#22 11 years ago
B) Most people haven't even heard the term open-source before.

Which is sad, because the words 'open source' could potentially save you a shitload of money.

I know a lot of people that when asked what windows they use, they answer Office.

I actually think it's really sad right now how computers are so cheap, yet people are still so incompetent at using them...


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16th January 2008

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#23 11 years ago

Circuit city have already closed two stores around where I live.

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27th January 2004

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#24 10 years ago

I just went to Circuit City on Saturday and even with the discounted prices, I could buy almost everything cheaper online at Newegg or Amazon.

No wonder they're going out of business.


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24th April 2003

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#25 10 years ago

Its cuz they need to pay off their debts, so they mark prices up and then "discount" the marked up price.

Mervyns did the same thing, they had everything "30 - 50 percent off", and my wife went there, and basically they marked everything up 30 - 50 %, then applied the discount. They dont really give you any deal.

Who assumes the debt once Circut City is out? Do the debt collectors just take the hit?

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23rd September 2004

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#26 10 years ago

I used to shop there a lot, mostly because they were the only electronics store in the area, but I could tell the prices on everything were ridiculous.

At least Best Buy is still around, they just opened up a store and I am perfectly fine going there. Make sure you guys use up your gift cards in the meantime, lol.


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4th November 2008

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#27 10 years ago

I went and I really wasn't all that impressed. HAHA they even had some PC games for like 80 bucks and then said 10% off. I was reading up on it though and it seems the better deals will increase around february toward the end. Of course by then most of the inventory will be gone.


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25th November 2003

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#28 10 years ago

The only things i think i've ever bought there was Xbox games and some car stereo stuff. Circuit City is/was about 25-30 miles away, so i usually just went to walmart which is only about 8 miles away. Walmarts game selection sucks though, it takes them ages to get anything new it.


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1st January 2005

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#29 10 years ago

I just had a laugh when calling a local discount store chain called Stupid Prices. I was trying to narrow down which of their stores to go to for an HDTV, as a neighbor friend whom just moved in needs to buy one and said he was interested in checking them out. It's a store that has quickly changing stock due to closeout purchases and whatnot, so it 's best to check first.

After finding one of their stores wasn't answering the phone, preferring to ask people to leave a message, I called the store that I had been told before was the one with the most TV stock, even though one of the other stores told me they don't sell TVs anymore. I get a hold of this lady that says ""Mr Stupid" decided not to carry any electronics here anymore after some break ins we had, he said the building was not secure enough."

She also said I should email "Mr Stupid" to let him know that one store was not answering their phone. I'm thinking, yeah right, I've never been into one of their stores, am not even sure if I trust them now, and they want me to do their disciplinary footwork for them? At this point the line "Stupid is as stupid does" comes to mind.

I laughed and asked if the owner actually went by that name. She said, "No, it's just my affectionate name for him". I wondered if there's more to it than that. After all, our economy is struggling, it's a new business in an area with an already high cost of living full of desperate, disgruntled thieves, he was using that one store to sell most of the electronics stock out of, his employees were telling people over the phone it had the most electronics stock, and he didn't even make sure the building was secure?

Be on the lookout California shoppers because Stupid Prices is headed your way too. There's a couple new stores they're opening up down there. How a chain owned by a guy that is seemingly so naive can be in the position to expand so quickly can only mean one of two things. Either the guy was filthy rich to begin with, or consumers in times of recession won't hesitate to buy from a retailer that says they have the best prices, whether it's true or not. This chain owner could just be every bit as brilliant as he is "stupid".


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26th July 2004

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#30 10 years ago

yeah this sucks, a circuit city just opened here about a month ago, and now there are signs on it saying going out of why even open the store lol