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#1 2 weeks ago

See, I never got into Comic Books. And there's so many at this point it's like, how do you even.

Where's a good place to start if someone was interested? And is there a relatively cheap and easy way to do it? Such as an online Netflix type service?

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#2 2 weeks ago

So I never got super into traditional comic book heroes until the marvel movies, and even then I haven't bothered to read any of them. I read some Archie and Mad Magazine as a kid, but didn't really grow beyond that too much.

Not until I found The Sandmnan, though. It's a graphic novel series by Neil Gaiman, left a huuuuge impact on me as a kid and I still go back and re-read the series once every couple of years. HIGHLY recommended. Shout out to Johnny the Homicidal Maniac as well.

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#3 2 weeks ago

If you have a library membership, some of them offer free access to the Hoopla application.  This allows you access to a large digital library of graphic novels and music.

as for recommendations, I don’t read them as frequently as I used to:


X Factor

Dejah Thoris


Mother Banhammer

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