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11th July 2003

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[color=White] Ok I just need to vent & maybe find some assitance with a major problem I have. I have a condition called RSDS ( Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome ). Anyway, I am in an excruciating amount of pain most the time & I'm not able to do much of anything. I've gotten to the point where I can't walk & without causing myself even more pain. It's all I can do sometimes to even stand up out of this ol' chair. I'm wondering if any of you might know of some kind of support group that helps people find medical care at an extremely reduced cost or free. I have a doctor for all my other health problems, but I can't make them understand what I go threw each & every day. It's very hard to describe what this feels like, other than to say it feels like the insides of my leg are on fire. I am in the process of opening a message board where people with this coindition can come & share thier experiences with others, in the hope that it will ease some of the "It's all in my head" crap we get from the majority of the medical community. I have no insurance & the treatments I require are very expensive. VERY & I have no means of which to aquire them. Everywhere I've been to get some help, I get told "While they want to help? Without insurance there is absolutely they can ( or will ) do to help me". I am being told more & more that I'm becoming depressed. Which I am not. It's just that it's getting more & more difficult to cope is all. Imagine if you will that every waking hour & even when not awake, you are in a state of pain that would cause most people to just curl up & die. Yet you don't want that, but sometimes it's just too damn much to take. I'm not looking for sympathy, just some understanding. Even my family has a hard time truely understanding what I go threw each & every day. So if any of you know of any kind of help I might apply for it would be greatly appreciated. Oh yea..............I can't get on Medicaid because I don't have dependant children & I'm not old enough. I get food stamps, but they are threatening to take those away because I am unable to work. Go figure. If it wasn't for a local clinic I wouldn't have the meds I get now. They all come to something like $1000 or more a month, not including all the visits to the clinic. I'm on meds for Diabetes, Anxiety attacks ( steming from the RSDS ), High Blood Pressure ( again steming from the RSDS ), something for my stomach ( yet another cause of the RSDS ( mainly the STRESS hehe 0 & a few other things. So again.....if you know of any program I might get into or just a shove in the right direction. It will be most appreciated. Chris[/color]