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#1 7 years ago

Hey guys!

I know was thinking about going back to college for a computer technician course. I love Computers and can do basic repairs on them. Yet I was wondering if we have any computer technicians on the forums that can give me insight about the job before I make up my mind. Like what can I do once I get my degree? Can I just fix computers and do networking? What type of job opportunities are there?

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#2 7 years ago

Depends, are you talking about like a certification degree, associates degree, or bachelors degree?

Either way, you have a pretty decent chance of getting employed anywhere that needs IT techs or customer support. One thing you could do, is ask someone like Verizon or AT&T about their technician jobs, you go to a training station for seven weeks and ride around town installing and repairing internet setups.

I guess the type of work you're thinking of might require an AS or BS in IT, and that'll help you get in big as a Network Engineer or Network Admin at a local company.

Good luck, either way :)

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