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22nd March 2005

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#1 7 years ago

So, I've just cracked open a coconut, with the assistance of a friend. I then went around to the folks in my nearby dorms, offering coconut meat to whoever'd want it. I'd say this desire for coconut meat this time of year has its roots back when I was younger, when my family would get together and share one. Granted, the drill/icepick method used by my dad is significantly more elegant than the method used by my friend (hammer). Eh, make do with what you have, I guess.

So, what sort of things do you tend to do around Christmas time (read: sometime in December, where oodles of cultures figure it's a good time to have a celebration), beyond the whole "tree with presents under it" thing?


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31st October 2005

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#2 7 years ago

Back when most of the family was still around everyone used to go to my Grandparents and drink lots of beer and booze, eat a ton of awesome food my Grandmother, my Mom and my Aunts made. Everyone would talk and watch the little kids open presents, afterwards the older guys would play poker and the rest would get hammered and sit in front of the Tv or watch the kids play with their new crap... :) I know it doesn't sound like much to some, but it was. Those were the best times, that house was always so warm and comfortable, even more so at the holiday season.

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9th October 2007

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#3 7 years ago

Once, with a friend, we opened a coconut with a big freakin stone they used to stop doors with at his house... We also yelled like monkeys while doing so... :lookaround:

Well, I'm not much of a celebrater, mainly because I'm kind of a communist... but I'm starting to pick up old traditions now. My mom usually likes to set up a christmas tree... Mostly a small, plastic one that fits on a table =p

While in Chile, we used to visit family and eat the hell outta christmas eve, and drink like hell also... Here in Sweden, it's usually my brother who invites us to his house and... Eat the hell outta cristmas, but without the drinking...

So yeah, the way we celebrate at home (My mom and I) is kinda different depending on where we are or economical situation, but apart from the tree, we don't have any real, long-lasting tradition.


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29th May 2008

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#4 7 years ago


With my family when my whole family used to come and stay at my house (we have a big house) tradition was anyone over 16 would wait up on christmas eve until midnight then everyone had to do 3 shots of a chosen drink. Never knew why.

Tradition me and my brother made 2 years ago is to spend one night just hanging out, chilling and getting high. Not much of a tradition but its nice and will soon turn into one.

Me and my best friend (who is now at uni) have a tradition where we have to hang out with each other for at least 1 day in every single season of a year. So far we have and its quite funny actually the stuff we get up to.


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22nd September 2005

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#5 7 years ago

Playing Poker.

My family's christmas tradition. I always lost. :p

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#6 6 years ago

So it's about that time of year when the relatives send Christmas packages, usually with some interesting trinkets, like mixed nuts, hot cocoa mix, and things like that.

And as per usual, my cousin sent over two tins of Christmas cookies! And as per usual, they are amazing!

This year's batch consisted of sugar cookies sprinkled with brown sugar, sugar cookies with lemon flavoring, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies with cranberries, and, I believe, strawberry tarts. All of these were enjoyed with a liberal glass of Egg Nog!

So, what kind of traditions do you guys have, and what do you usually get from relatives around this time of year?

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17th June 2002

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#7 6 years ago

I have successfully escaped from the clutches of Christmas. I have lunch on the day with the family, and get smashed the day before, but that's pretty much it for me!


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14th July 2004

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#8 6 years ago
Mr. Matt;5594057I have successfully escaped from the clutches of Christmas. I have lunch on the day with the family, and get smashed the day before, but that's pretty much it for me!

Sounds about right...



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29th February 2004

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#9 6 years ago

Christmas Eve traditional family dinner that lasts for like 4-5 hours, with tons of food and alcohol. Then sauna and presents. Then board games and Cognac half the night.

Christmas Day is reserved for eating left-overs and getting wasted on the town.

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29th May 2008

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#10 6 years ago

Isn't there already a thread about Christmas traditions?

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