Coolest Christmas lights. Ever. 35 replies

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23rd July 2005

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#21 15 years ago

I bet it was..

And yeah, that sure is cool. Would be cool having sth like that..


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8th October 2004

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#22 15 years ago

That's just.. weird :confused:. How the hell can someone create something like that? It's very cool though, wish I had it :naughty:.


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2nd December 2005

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#23 15 years ago

Sweet. Never seen anything like it.

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15th December 2002

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#24 15 years ago
Mast3rofPuppetsDoes anyone know how it works? The technical aspect of it that is. There must be a computer hooked to all those "light zones" and then someone programmed them to blink in a specific order so it seems like it follows the music, or some shizzle like that. Anyhow it must be a biatch so set up.

I'm guessing it will be a similar if not the same system to that used for Pyrotechnic shows and for concerts. A computer will play the music and sync the pre-designated patters. The way it's done is someone will sit on a computer and then at a certain point in the timeline down a song place "this light on" or "this light off" for example. I'm no expert though.

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25th April 2004

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#25 15 years ago

or maybe certain areas if light are affected by the frequency of the music?

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23rd January 2000

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#26 15 years ago

Trekkers got the idea. That whole show was pretty advanced and most likely preprogrammed using a big lightboard / lightmixer and a computer. 3145b.jpg or a much smaller 3024.jpg

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23rd September 2004

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#27 15 years ago


Yeah, its probably cool seeing that the first and maybe second times, but could you imagine having those lights flashing outside your window every night, all night. I think I would have to call the cops on him if I was in that position.

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22nd March 2005

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#28 15 years ago

I still think that for holiday warmth and cheer, you can't beat setting your house on fire.


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31st January 2004

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#29 15 years ago

that was truly, truly awesome. I'd hate to live anywhere in a 5 mile radius of that house, bet you can see the house from way off.

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13th November 2004

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#30 15 years ago

Wowzers!...again, again again!!