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3rd February 2005

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#21 15 years ago

I would be appointed dictator to the Great British Empire of a socialist party which has more rightwing views (not too dissimilar to National Socialism, just minus the genocide). I want a party that actually helps and benifits the average British worker, and not just screw him over constantly. This is coupled with a strong sense of Nationalism and desire to better the country, and not pussyfoot around like our current politicians. Investment would be made into the Armed forces so we are never backward or ill equipped again. Its emarrasing when a Civilised nation can't equip its armed forces and like in the Falklands conflict we have to borrow a Civilian Cruise liner to house our Marines in and all of our helicopters are on a Civilain cargo ship, or our men have to buy goggles from ski shops, and boots from army surplus stores before shipping out to Iraq. Their rifles have about 15 stoppages on them and our country seems to be incapable of making a reliable assault rifle, which puts mens lives at jeopardy in the field just because some fat penny pinching acountant decided to cut a few corners. Its disgraceful. This country was the most advanced industrialised nation on Earth a few decades ago and we can't even make a working rifle really is just embarassing. Army pay isn't brilliant to start off with, and they expect men to fight in foreign Theatres of Operation with faulty equipment, some of it that dates back to the 80's for such little pay. I would also instate a more effective Police force willing to crack scumbags heads, like the British police used to do 20 odd years ago. But they'd be equipped like the Combine for added coolness, and have armoured vehicles instead of BMW's, so they can actually enter dangerous areas of the city where the drug lords and gangs control and deal out some justice. The death penalty will be brought back for serious offences of my choosing. Paedophillia for one will result in the death sentence. I'm sure this will make a lot of people feel much safer. A secret police force will not go around harrasing innocent people, and dragging them away off into the night. ID cards will be brought in. I don't wish to create a 1984 esque "Big Brother" state but only to have the means to find and monitor suspected perpetrators. Thats what I hate about Liberal Democracy, too much talk and nothing happens. Our hospitals are probably in a worse state than they've ever been in. Crime is rampant and spiraling out of control. In some areas of some cities the Police do not go. What kind of protection is that to the populace? Something needs to be done, less talk and more action. Our troops would be brought home from Iraq, we've been there long enough now, let them fend for themselves. After alterations to better the country have been made I will hand control over to a democratic Government once again but this time the members are chosen by me and will focus on the sort of things that I achieved, so our country would not return to a fetid liberal turd again. The final phase of my plan is to invade and Conquer France. I will then retire to an island off the French coast with my wife Kate Beckinsale and live out the rest of my days there safe in the knowledge that my country is great once more. Not that I've thought about it much or anything roll%20eyes%20%28sarcastic%29.gif


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#22 15 years ago
colonel_bobUntill someone starts a gang war that engulfs your entire neighborhood, nay, city, eventually ending with a 90% casualty rate. And your house burned down. Then you'll be thinking "Oh, why did I vote for anarchy!", but you won't be able to do anyhting about it, becasue hey, you voted for an anarchy in place of actual laws. Then you'll start crying, and only losers cry. Loser. :lookaround: I shouldn't eat so much ice cream before I go on the internet. It screws with my brain.[/QUOTE] eh, let the punks work out their problems on their own - they'll probably kill each off, which is a good trhing anyway. [quote=XC]I find it funny that people in their 30's-up drop the whole anarchy bullshit.

I also find it funny how young control freaks cream themselves over thoughts of dictatorships.

Anarchy is something that the ignorant support. It looks 'cool' but it doesn't actually work. It can't work.

Any government is something which the "ignorant support" - democracy? hello? majority of morons rule.. wow, i thought the subject of this thread was

THe basic idea is to create a Goverment any form new or old, you think would be the best form. Feel free to alter or make up your own!

and not bash the fuck out of someone who posts their ideas...silly me. :rolleyes: