Did I ever show you guys my weight loss? 1 reply

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#1 4 weeks ago

Was gonna put in Post a Picture but the thread is broken and won't load. *screams at KdqmiJTsnq8OjVLsFTbRsoUi5Y66PLlvMmH40NP4.png@Mikey  ⁠ *

Anyway - in August of 2018, just before I got sick, I was around 22- - 23st, or around 322lb - bear in mind I am 6ft 5 inches by the way so you have to keep that in mind, but still, far too heavy.

Today I am around 14st or 196lb - and considered a healthy weight!

Yey for illness! Still; here's a comparison;


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#2 4 weeks ago

Congratulations, friend! I had noticed you talking about losing but hadn't seen any pictures of it! The weight loss looks great on you!

As a fellow tall and skinny person: we are nerds, basketball is probably out of the question...but do you have a moment to discuss the tall, lanky, and nerdy world of bass playing?

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