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16th September 2006

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#31 11 years ago

i like it, keeps me in contact with my friends in australia


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1st November 2007

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#32 11 years ago

I love myspace.

(NO im not one of those myspace whores posting bulliten every 30 seconds *shudders)

As everyone else has said, its handy for keeping in touch with people, and making new friends!


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26th October 2007

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#33 11 years ago

I have never used MySpace so I dont know how it worsk. And i think i dont need to. I can keep in touch with my friends trough MSN and mIRC.



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2nd September 2007

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#34 11 years ago

i don't like it with all the dangers of it you never know who you're chatting with btw watch myspace the movie and you will see what i mean :lol:

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17th June 2003

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#35 11 years ago

I think I had one two years ago. The only reason I created it was that a few people from my 2005 trip to Europe wanted links to my photos, or something like that. Used it for that and haven't seen it since.

Wonder if unused profiles are auto-deleted due to inactivity...

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10th November 2004

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#36 11 years ago

I have a myspace page that I use. I haven't really added anything of significance to it in quite some time. I mostly use it to keep in touch with old high school friends that have since moved away. Some of those friends happen to live on other continents because they are serving in the military so its the easiest way that we have to keep in contact with each other.

I've heard that the number of bots has gone down. Several months ago I set my profile to private and made it so that only people that know specific info can even send a request to me. But yeah, I use it mostly for those high school friends that are half a world away now.

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17th December 2005

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#37 11 years ago
Kođ»sakoff;4008214The problem is that there are getting more and more sites that offer the same. Pretty useless if you ask me. Want to keep up with friends? Call them ;)

What if you forgot the number?

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8th October 2006

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#38 11 years ago

Well, it will train your memory. Do you no end of good.

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19th August 2003

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#39 11 years ago

I have it...It's nice to be able to find old friends you've lost contact with.



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20th January 2006

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#40 11 years ago