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#1 14 years ago

Hey guys, I posted these pomms over on another forum, but I wanted to show you guys too. These are some poems I came up with recently. What do you think, please tell the truth. :D

God's Lied

I sing a kind German Lied*, To my God, I pray to thee, With words only soft and sweet, The Lord's a savior to me.

Woe, the Lord is wise and strong, He'll save our souls in Heaven, But, his kids may do no wrong, Or there will be no taken.

*Lied is the German word for 'song', it is pronounced (Leet.)

Ghastly Surprise

Gliding through that ghastly mist, Sliding through a vision test, It came upon me as a surprise, Wearing such a ghostly disguise.

Knew not if it was real, Seemed like a frighting feel, Walking in an unknown park, There it was, a spectre-bark*.

*Ghost Ship