Dogs and Pepsi (two completely unrelated things) 30 replies

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17th June 2002

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#11 15 years ago
I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult.


You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, "Wow", you're right! I never would've thought of that!'

:rofl: It's Sheepeep!


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29th May 2003

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#12 15 years ago

Yay for dogs says he who lives in a house of 4 cats.

I prefer pepsi to coke anyway and I dont give a shit about what it says on the can so long as it says England rules...


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10th January 2004

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#13 15 years ago
MihailIf they are not going to place under god then they infact they are not putting the "Pledge of Allegiance" on it.

well said mihail! This also pisses me off, they were considering changing the pledge for what? Just a handfull of people, while most Americans want "under God" to remain...It's stupid.


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28th May 2004

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#14 15 years ago

Word about Pepsi's stupid decision to cut out "under God" got out to my school, and over 2/3 of them are now boycotting Pepsi products.


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13th October 2002

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#15 15 years ago

Boycott pepsi? That means no Mountain Dew...thats impossible.

O ya, Bob, it dosn't shrink testicles. Heres a quote from the "Forensic Nurse"

Mountain Dew (Yes, the soda) There are all sorts of beliefs about Mountain Dew. Some people believe that it lowers a man’s sperm count. Others believe it causes sterility. Some people believe it will cause the testicles and penis to shrink. None of this is true. The dye used to make Mountain Dew (Yellow No. 5) is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has been used since 1916.16-19

Still believe in this silly myth? Do a google search and you will see the truth that Moutain Dew acctually increases sperm count and growth of your genitals. Nah just kiddin about that part :lol:

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4th August 2003

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#16 15 years ago
myselfOh I like dogs, they're so delicious! Especially with ketchup and mayo. :nodding:

:wtf: TMI



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5th August 2003

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#17 15 years ago
'BobDole[CAN']mountain dew makes you balls shrink

And you know this how? :lol: Pepsi sucks, Coke is better.



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15th January 2004

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#18 15 years ago
OctovonAnd you know this how? :lol: Pepsi sucks, Coke is better.

i have to agree.


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15th February 2004

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#19 15 years ago

thoes pepsi commercials piss me off. especially the one with jimmi hendrix. i bet hendrix was a coke drinker.

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19th January 2003

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#20 15 years ago

indeed, coke is better anyway.