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Back in October or November 2018. So my health situation was getting pretty desperate and I was tired of being depressed and lethargic. I had been looking at various diets, cleanses, and natural methods of healing for some time. Basically at this point I had been eating a diet which I thought was super healthy - low-carb, high fat (not quite keto) diet consisting mostly of nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, lots of fresh vegetables (sometimes cooked) like kale, cabbage, cucumber, beet greens, broccoli collard greens, etc. And powdered spirulina and chlorella along with a bunch of herbs and spices. All these "superfoods" that were so good  for you and should make you feel fantastic. I basically avoided all grain-based and sugar-based carbs (I was playing around with eating fruit vs. not eating fruit but I eventually eliminated all fruits) but ate some beet roots and potatoes for carbs. I was also eating a low-moderate amount of meat. But my health seemed to be on a steady downards trend. Lethargy bouts that  lasted days to months at a time all throughout  college starting the end of my 3rd year (I am near the end of my 7th year for reference) plagued me and through those years, I varied my diet to be worse and better, but I mostly maintained my final diet for 1.5-2 years before giving up on it. 


Around this time I began to  find information that led to the most potential to me understanding my condition, if it was in fact diet related. Basically, the body depends on the microbiome to break down/digest most if not all plant-based foods to a form that can be absorbed by the body. Further, they contain lots of problematic compounds that need certain bacteria to break them down else they will cause harm to the person. And certain bacteria overgrowths that thrive on sugars/carbs can cause problems by either overwhelming/choking out other bacterial strains or by releasing by-products that are harmful to the person. So I'm dealing with potential mal-nourishment in addition to being poisoned by what I eat, which would cause a continuous low-level immune response and inflammation  throughout the body - this sort of chronic inflammation is believed to cause a variety of problems for different people depending on individual susceptibilities.  Examples include brain fog, lethargy, arthritis, breakouts of the skin, etc. Continued problems in the digestive tract could lead to actual damage to the intestinal lining which allows food particles to be directly absorbed by the blood stream, contributing to the immune response experienced. For individual food sensitivities, there's a lot of anecdotal evidence (I don't know about systematic studies though) of people removing particular foods and having these sorts of symptoms disappear. For other people, they have to remove whole groups of foods. Lots of naturopathic doctors base their practice around this approach. I am convinced that this has a lot to do with a lot of problems society faces, as it seems to be the most consistent explanation for these types of autoimmune problems, but what is lacking here is a very clear way of correcting these problems. Lots of naturopaths  have different approaches, and results vary. People with mild issues are often helped by these doctors initially but might have problems later. People with severe problems are much harder to help and I've heard a lot of stories of people going to 20 different doctors and spending a fortune to try to get their issues sorted out. 


At this point I'd heard about the carnivore diet before and thought it was crazy but it began to make sense why some people chose to do it. Simply put, consuming only meat removes all of the plant material from the diet that may not be getting correctly digested and thus all related inflammation is relieved. And from what I could find, this is what happens for a lot of people. There's a massive amount of anecdotal stories of people having a lot of their autoimmune symptoms being relieved by this diet. So after deciding I probably knew what was wrong with me, and that it'd probably take months to years to heal through trial-and-error conventional naturopathic medicine (yeah I just used those two words together), I decided to try carnivore only for a month or two. After days 2-3 I felt a massive improvement. Energy levels were up. Strength was up. Brain function was better. Everything just seemed better. For the rest of the first month I felt better than I had felt in several months. Month two felt like a bit of a relapse though. I was having a variety of issues including energy issues. And I felt like I needed upwards of 10 hours of sleep per night... which wasn't really different than before I started the carnivore diet, but I know that when everything feels ok I thrive on 8 hours per night. I played around with some details of the diet and eventually things seemed to get better. January has been the third month and the first two weeks I also had quite low energy but weeks 3-4 I have felt quite good for the most part. 


So this was far to an end-all solution to all my energy problems, but some things have been consistent, which I value  quite a bit - mostly mental. My mood is pretty consistently better. More calm and optimistic even on the worst of days. The optimism is likely a product of recent life events, but the calmness isn't really something I can easily control. If the opposite of calm is anxiety, I have been far less anxious than I've been in a long time. I didn't even know I was prone to anxiety until I think now about how long it's been since I've been super anxious.  My tendency to giggle like a drunkard / feel slightly high at random times when completely sober has all but disappeared. I have far fewer moments of anger/rage over small things as well. I just feel ok now most of the time rather than great sometimes, terrible a bit later, etc. I have never been clinically diagnosed with depression and so am not sure how often or what the severity of my depression is, but based on what I know about it, I believe that I have had it on and off over the years as evidenced by a general lack of passion or enjoyment of anything for certain periods of time. I don't believe it has been significantly influenced by the diet, but this is another area where time will tell. Overall health does seem to be in an upward trend though


I have also done several 48+ hour fasts which may have had benefits as well. It's hard to tell this  early on to be honest. I think that simply having the bias of knowing the "benefits" of carnivore diet and fasting is enough to give me some sort of placebo effect. Right now I say that it's worth it if it has meant I've been happier/healthier but in the long run I guess it will become more clear.


For me I think it has been worth it. I still dream about the foods I'd like to eat several times per week if that gives an idea about how much I wish I could gorge myself with the standard Western diet. I think that eventually I'll try to work my way back into a larger food variety diet but for now this is what I am - a earth-destroying, anti-vegan, anti-life, anti-animal welfare meat militia.


Lastly, for those of you who wish to emphatically warn me of the heart disease I will surely get by eating such a cholesterol-loaded diet, you can save your breath. I have gathered enough information to believe that the conclusions made by scientists on the matter are not supported by data, but you must gather your own information and make up your own mind before you make such a decison that so clearly goes against conventional wisdom for yourself.