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#1 8 years ago

This is from an HDNet broadcast that was done a couple yrs ago. It's narrated in English, but unfortunately the subtitles when non English speaking people are being filmed is not in English, and the video is low res. As far as I know there is nothing available on this program in higher res or English subtitles on the net.

I find this car to be quite amazing. Of course it needs to be made in a much more practical version for consumer use, but they've definitely turned some heads making this high performance version. How cool it would be to get to participate as one of the designer's students, whom helped build this car.

Keep in mind much of what's shown in this video talks of pricing that is now much lower on things like the lithium ion batteries used to power it. I found the part where they had to custom manually calibrate the inverters for the 12,000 RPM motors per each RPM increment to be quite interesting.

I think the car looks kind of ugly, but perhaps we'll see a more practical, scaled down version of it under the Mitsubishi name sometime soon.

Eliica Electric Car