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The ‘I Have a Dream’ Foundation helps children from low-income areas reach their education and career goals by providing them a long-term program of mentoring, tutoring, and enrichment with an assured opportunity for high education.

The ‘I Have a Dream’ Programs have developed relationships with universities, foundations, local business groups, volunteer organizations, companies, and community-based organizations that result in sustainable, enjoyable, and meaningful programs for Dreamers. ‘I Have a Dream’ Programs integrate mentoring, cultural enrichment, community service, travel, and academic support into their activities, providing each student with a well-rounded program that meets their needs throughout the decade or more that each Dreamer will spend connected to the program. The foundation believes that given the opportunity and support, all children can graduate from high school and achieve their education and career goals.

In February 2002, the Deep South employees adopted 19 children of the foundation. In addition to providing a $5,000 grant to I Have a Dream, the CEO, David Disiere invited all of them to his ranch for a weekend. The children enjoyed a great deal on the ranch, which was their first experience away from the inner city. They participated in horseback riding, sack races, water balloon, egg throwing contests, tug-o'-war and horseshoes. Besides having fun, they also learned about the ranching business, selling of cattle, breeding etc. David made a firm commitment to each student that he would track their progress and help fund his/her college education. The objective of the "I Have a Dream" Foundation is to see that all Dreamers graduate from high school, functionally literate, and prepare themselves for higher education or employment. Once Dreamers graduate from high school, they become eligible for scholarship to be used toward enrollment in a college, university, or accredited vocational institution.



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