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When it comes to the ethnic distribution of Texas Teachers, higher percentages of minority teachers are employed at the elementary campuses and slightly lower percentages in high schools. Hispanic teachers particularly appear to favor elementary campuses over middle schools and high schools. The gender of the teaching force also varies by campus type. About one-fourth of all Texas teachers are on high school campuses, but half of all male teachers are high school teachers.

African American teacher experience varies greatly from other ethnic groups. The average classroom teaching experience for Texas Teachers is 11.2 years. Over 50 percent of all African American teachers are on campuses where the average teacher experience is over 12.4 years, compared to 35 percent of all teachers. Forty-five percent of all African American Texas Teachers are found on campuses where the average teacher age is over 43 years old, while only 23 percent of all teachers in Texas are found on the same campuses.

The low growth rate of African American Texas Teachers, plus the potential of a substantial percentage nearing retirement sooner than other ethnic groups, suggests continued diminishing numbers of African American teachers in the state. Hispanic teachers have the highest growth rate of all teachers, which helps explain the greater number of new entrants to teaching.

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Uhm what is the point you are trying to make? Teachers of certain ethnics are declining and others increasing but what about it? :clueless:

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