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#1 4 months ago

Ah, Euro Truck Simulator 2. I've never especially been interested in trucks (trains are more my guilty pleasure), but there's something compelling and, well, downright fun about this game, which let me tell you, is very rare in a simulator, especially if you're not an enthusiast of the particular subject at hand. It's a pretty rare example of how simulators can, well, actually be decent, when executed properly.

And despite being released back in 2012, it's still being supported with new DLC content, and free engine updates, albeit not to the gross extent at Train Simulator's £10,000+ worth of DLC content. It's decent, actually, and it's latest, Beyond the Baltic Sea, is releasing next week.

The DLC takes you to new areas within Russia and Finland, with over 13,000km of new roads, 24 new cities, and brand new trailers. 

Lots of classic landmarks from places as far as Lithuania to St. Ptersburg are included, along with the incredibly atmospheric environments, such as docks, trams, and city landmarks

If you've yet to jump onto the Euro Truck bandwagon, it's still well worth doing so, despite it's age, it still looks great, plays nicely and is weirdly soothing to play. The new DLC is available next week on Steam for $18 US.

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#2 4 months ago

When will they do the Balkans :(

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#3 3 months ago

American Truck Simulator releases Oregon a few weeks ago, and now Euro Truck Simulator 2 releases the Baltic Sea. This has been a spectacular year for both games.

Personally, I adore Euro Truck Simulator 2, and American Truck Simulator. I have sunk so many hours into them, and I will continue to do so in the future. So, when we get any new locations in which to drive, I am all over it.


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#4 3 months ago

These Truck simulator games are fabulous. They're so good for just kicking back and relaxing with a good podcast on.

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#5 3 months ago

They are also great if you are ill. About a year ago, there was a week where I was so ill, that I could not move at all. If I even tried, I would pass out. Thankfully, Euro Truck Simulator can use the Playstation 4 controller, so I sat in my recliner, and went spent the week on a road trip.