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Jack Lemkus

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11th February 2019

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#11 1 year ago

I like coffee and vine


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19th May 2020

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#12 4 months ago

Love tea, especially black and Darjeeling (disclaimer: tea addiction may have something to do with Uncle Iron)

MrFancypants Forum Administrator

The Bad

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7th December 2003

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#13 3 months ago

Hot: coffee (way too much) and tea. 

Cold: Club mate (not sure if this is a thing outside of Germany, basically carbonated mate tea with sugar and tons of caffeine)

Also occasionally red wine (when I treat myself to decent cheese), beer (on the few occasions I go out with friends) and Scotch. 

Sometimes I drink cacao when I try to reduce my coffee intake. Recently I was in a meeting with a bunch of co-workers who thought that this is not a manly thing to do. But after a little while I realized that most of them (especially the females) were staring at my cacao with very envious eyes. Ever since I take an irrational pleasure in showing up to meetings with a hot cup of cacao or chocolate.

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