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21st December 2004

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#41 10 years ago

Good show everyone!

Glad to be back. ;)


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19th June 2004

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#42 10 years ago
Apprentice;4849533Does that mean that technical issues will be resolved in timed fashion and that the Filesnetwork sites will get some updated features and the like ??

Oh,I really hope so!

Long live FileFront!


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16th September 2005

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#43 10 years ago

Considering how the whole thing came back to life before it died at all, our expectations compared to what happened, anything from now on is a bonus, it's quite the best outcome possible out of it all, and the odds are, it's gonna get even better.

Spoiler: Show
perhappes the community owes a lot of thankfull memos to a lot of people involved, cuz many made efforts to keep it all running, EA games, Strategy Informer, our FF Staff, there's probably a lot more, finally, FF's original owners (whoever these guys are xD )


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14th April 2007

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#44 10 years ago

I want Melee

Darth Taxi


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6th May 2007

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#45 10 years ago

Ziff Davis is dead! May king live forever!

Sgt. D. Pilla

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23rd October 2007

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#46 10 years ago

Awesome. So does this mean goodbye to 'a lot' of the adverts and all the ZD/1 Up advert spam all over FileFront?! Awesome if it does!!

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26th July 2005

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#47 10 years ago

n0e;4849454Those are what _I_ call the good ol' days.

Oh and to those conspiracy theorists that still think this is some sort of joke or other sort of silly nonsense, the reason that ZD copyrights still litter the forums and site is simply because, as it said in the announcement, they literally just aquired the ability to manage it. Things like this take time to fully setup and right now FileFronts infrastructure is starting from the ground up again (moving from a division of a corporation to an independent company again isn't done by flicking a switch). To which I say; "friggin kick ass!" because that only means everything will be looked into to make things as efficient as possible.

:gpost: It is amazing how fast things have turned around. From the loss of the forums to suddenly we are owned by people who actually will get things done and care about this place.

Zedo Mann

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30th May 2007

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#48 10 years ago
Commissar MercZ;4849336Let us remove the scar of ZD.
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Please, someone, do so.


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9th December 2003

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#49 10 years ago

It's good to see FF back! Infinite cheers to the original owners that reacquired FileFront and any that helped out in any way. :cheers: :bows: :beer:

Thank you!

As for Ziff Davis, I doubt they will announce a thing, they didn't even announce the clossure on their website so they may not bother informing people it now has been sold. Hell, they might be gone tomorrow themselves since they don't seem to own much anymore. I can't say I care.

As for those being pissed off a bit since all the hard effort was for nothing, I'm sure everbody appreciates the hard work so many people have shown. n0e himself has put a lot of effort in continueing the community under an other name (strategyinformer site and forums). Hundreds of people did their thing to salvage bit's and parts of FileFront, if not thousands. I'm sure that this will bring a smile on the face of many, including the new management, to see how deeply the commuity cared. And then we aren't even talking about all the newscoverage and comments on how much FF was going to be missed.

In all, it's good to be back. I'll patiently await more information and changes. I'm sure we will be given a more indepth story soon enough to explain exactly what went on. The timing was unfortunate but the result certainly wasn't.