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#1 7 years ago

So, some quick backround information; I am homeschooled and live in california. I hhave also mentioned before how I don't have a very solid relationship with my mother. Both my sisters either graduated from, or are going to uc Berkeley. They accomplished this by taking classes at community colleges in the area, and my parents are trying to do the same thing for me. Because of budget cuts to state supported aducation, getting classes is damn near impossible for me. My mom keeps complaining about that, even though, in my opinion, it his her fault that I am going through this. I don't mean the part about state budget, but that I have to go to community college in order to even apply to colleges. I also asked my parents two years ago, if I could go to high school, seeing as how I hate homeschooling with a passion. The cherry on top of this shit sundae, she always acts like it is my fault that my education is in ruins. She also thinks that a good solution to me not being able to get classes is to have me run cross country for the community college. I am already rowing crew and will be on varsity in the spring, I wouldn't have time to even sleep if I ran cross country and rowed crew.

So yeah, that is my first world problem for the day.

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#2 7 years ago

I don't think that is how community college works.


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#3 7 years ago

Well I think he means taking the core courses there and then transferring.

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