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15th October 2005

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#31 14 years ago

heres a good way to piss people off, ive done it at my school many times before, make a txt document somewhere that wont piss you off(ull understand). go to start > control panel > folder options > view and theres an option called "hide extensions for known file types", tick this. now rename the text document to [insert name].exe be warned that once renamed the .exe cannot be opened, deleted, moved. i have no idea how to remove it, even the technicians at my school dont know how. now give this to people saying its a game or something that they might want, say they ahve to put on their desktop. people get pissed when they have a desktop full of them and they cant remove them lol :)


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#32 14 years ago

Easy way to fix that: Delete the folder (if you put it in one) that it's in. I got a few .jpgs that were the same way and that's how I solved it. :0wned:




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#33 14 years ago

Plz dont revive old threads...