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#41 12 years ago
Sedistix;3538268Actually no, they came from somewhere else. Also, about that guy, I did some searching on him, and his history and he was a real dirt bag for doing all the things he did. Criminal though, he didn’t do crimes in the traditional sense, but neither do many politicians either, and they can be the worst kind of criminals. So yeah that guy, no sympathies… Those stats though, those were off a news site somewhere, pretty reliable I thinks.

Ok, but still, if you compare those statistics with the number of offenses that were't brought to a court or those that have been rejected it might put it into a better relation.

Yeah I suppose, but it’s kind of a freaky thought isn’t it. That whole loss of speech freedom is just so alien to me, perhaps that’s why I’m missing something.

Especially Americans don't like it at all if you reduce any of their freedoms, over here we just look for a balance between freedom for individuals. I think both points of view make sense, over here we just do what is necessary to protect the freedoms of all the foreigners that live in Germany.

Yeah, but didn’t they also lose some of the very rights they were trying to save in defeating them. Sounds like a “puric victory” kind of…

Not really, people don't have a right to insult or threaten others in the first place, so you don't actually take something away from them, you only try to grant the same freedom everyone else has to those that have to suffer from radicalism. Besides, neonazis still have the right to believe in whatever they want and glorify their heroes as long as they do so privately. Even nazi-symbols like the swastika aren't illegal as long as you keep them at your place and don't parade around with them, as far as I know.

Yeah, where I live, there really is no such thing as Neo-Nazi’s. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever come across one in this region. (South Dakota) I’m sure they exist nevertheless, just not as prominently or as infamously. Thanks for the clarification Fancy, makes a bit more sense to me now. Still seems strange but, that’s to be expect as we’re worlds apart.

I understand how it seems strange to people from other countries, but I can assure you that we have a lot of people here who are just as worried as you are that the state could be too powerful. This is a good thing, even if it sometimes exploited by extremists :)


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6th August 2005

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#42 12 years ago

About a year after I moved to my current location, a nazi moved into a house about 5 miles from me. He had a big nazi flag flying in front of his house. It seems he had a nightmare one night & decided to go away. Someplace he could rest without worry. Everyone knows damn well that the nazi's or any facist's are dangerous. It isn't a joke in Germany & they have the right to do what they do about it. I lived in Germany for 3.5 years, it's like a 2nd home to me. I don't give 1 damn about the 1st amendment when it comes to dealing with nazi's. I will not tolerate any of them living near my family. I did Democracy's dirty work for 22 years. Why would I do any less for my family than what I did for my country. As far as the Germans banning certain games.... When I was a kid, there was a movement that wanted the 3 Stooge's banned because them beating each other up made the kids mean. Blaming any kind of media for the chaos of the planet; is avoiding the real problems.

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9th December 2003

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#43 12 years ago

y0umebednow;3530812i highly doubt that would happen anywhere except for a communist country.[/quote]WTF? What do bans have to do with communist countries? Certainly not with truely communist countries (there are none though :p ) and not in the fake dicatorship "communist" countries either. There they would be just tempted to ban any media that promotes views other then communism (which is pretty funny since they fail to be communist and all...).

[quote=Rikupsoni;3537065]Typical German nazi/violence-phobicism.. :( Free country, eh? KISS can't have their logo there because two runic letters of "S" are forbidden. You can't raise your hand at 30 degree angle. You can't draw lines that would form the ancient Swastika.

Funny thing was what I read from radio. Someone had "drawn" a swastika to snow. People called the police and after short investigations (no suspects) they just drew it over. If you are being robbed in Germany, you'd better shout "Heil Hitler, Sieg Heil!" instead of "polizei". They'll come straight away I'm sure..

The most ridiculous thing is that now German politics are trying to enforce these freedom restricting laws to EU. They wanted to ban SS, SA, 88, 18 from all "official places", such as license plates. (Finnish army license plate is SA :p) These demands were blowed by the other EU members as they clearly are ridiculous and against basic freedoms. Can they fine me for raising my hand, or drawing SS SA 18 88?

Even more ridiculous is that Germany and Austria are active at complaining about Turkey's lacking freedoms. At the same time Austria sent a man into prison for having Hitler's greeting as his phone answerer. If this is freedom, I'm very concerned about the future. I'm sure people don't turn into sick concentration camp doctors by playing these games.

I'm inclined to agree. I do understand Germany though. They want to crack down on neo nazi's and racists and thus make these laws so nobody can get around it and support (neo) nazism. Personally I see a difference between using these symbols and being a neo nazi. Ofcourse some people who use a swastika may support the nazis but others might use it for Buddism, historical intrest (which is an innocent link to nazism) same with SS runes etc. in a band name. It's innocent and it doesn't make the band a nazi band at all. But then it would be harder to crack down on neo nazis in Germany because they could use all these symbols and then use vague talks so that everybody knows they are doing a hate speach but that it can't be proven that it can only be a hate speach but perhaps also some vague general speach.

So I do understand the reasons but I also think that eventually it's best to deal with racist people when they do make racist comments and suggestions etc. and not to involve symbols so that other people can also use these symbols for whatever purpose freely and without any harm done. More over, making something illegal also makes it "cool". If you can't have a swastika on your shirt, how could would't it be to have one just because it's forbidden? (Ofcourse it's stupid and offesive etc. but you get the point I hope).

But aren't we going a bit offtopic? :p

@ games:

Indeed the goverment should ban all forms of violent media then from games to TV movies and radio broadcasts, newspapers etc. Then also sports (also hunting) etc. since obviously any form of violence makes people evil mass murdering idiots. To be on the save site anything that ca be linked to violence should be banned including general war reports etc. And ofcourse crimerates would drop massivily, there would be a lot less crime due to this ban obviously. These complaining people have seen this all for a long time now. We must join them!

The worst thing you could do is ban such games and sports, leaving violence on TV out of the picture (the above should say enough). People use games and sports to get rid of their stress. It's a very good anti stress tool. So it would be funny and not unrealistic to see violece go up after such a ban. This would be even more clear if you would ban any violent activities all together.

As far the EU wide ban on violence, nazi imagry etc. that would suck because I want to play my violent games so unload some stress and have some innocent fun. Same for the symbols, I want my realistic games and mods to have nazi imagry for historic purposes. It might just be a small detail in a game but I'm a perfectionist.

The real solution to violence is better parenting, the age ratings should say enough. If these would strictly be sold to people of that age and parents would check on this also you might prevent this problem. Though the age rating isn't perfect either, better would be a "minimum level of maturity and common sence" requirement. Would the person playing this game or seeing that movie be old and wise enough by mind to understand not to act as the game and movie suggest? You may have young teenagers old enough to understand this (Wolfenstein, GTA 1 etc. haven't made me in a violent criminal as a child...) or adult idiots who haven't yet (or ever will?) understand the difference between fiction and reality. But such a system would be impossible so we can't do a lot better then a vague age check and good parenting and accept it's flawes.


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#44 12 years ago
Sedistix;3538057I just read somewhere that Germany, in it’s infinite wisdom, has just sentenced a man to 5 years in prison for denying not the entire holocaust, just specific parts of it. He claimed the figures of 6 million were extremely exaggerated or something. Anyways Canada extradited this guy back to Germany and they slapped his ass in prison for posting on the web, while living in another country, that many parts of the holocaust weren’t true.

Actually, I am glad that in Germany Holocaust deniers like Ernst Zündel are not allowed to spread anti-Jewish propaganda on TV like in Iran.

Zündel did not only claim that the figures of 6 million Jews were wrong, he "denied the fate of destruction for the Jews planned by National Socialist powerholders and justified this by saying that the mass destruction in Auschwitz and Treblinka, among others, were an invention of the Jews and served the repression and blackmail of the German people." (Official indictment)

BTW, as a convicted criminal in Canada (for violating Canadian laws) Ernst Zündel was regarded a national security risk. Therefore he was extradited to Germany.


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#45 12 years ago

This will never work out


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#46 12 years ago

I want to see the Nazi pigs bleeeeeeed.... :tommygun: :dpistols: :aug2: :ak3::spank::devil: :dance: :cheers:

which product?

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#47 12 years ago

about time.. j/k it shouldnt be banned..