GCSE students ‘cannot tell the time using a traditional clock face’ 11 replies

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#1 7 months ago

Well, this makes me feel old, and is a really stark sign of how technology is just marching forward. I still wear a traditional watch, but many now do not, and the time is simply numbers on a digital display.

For those outside of the UK, GCSE students are around 16 - 17 years old.

GCSE and sixth form students are turning up to school unable to tell the time using an analogue clock, according to teachers. 

The rise of digital devices can be blamed for a multitude of teenage failings, and it appears not being able to tell the time on a traditional clock can now be added to the list.

Clocks are like sundials to them, I guess. I dunno, it's so weird how the world is changing.

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#2 7 months ago

"Clocks are like sundials to them" is a good phrase. This isn't really a sign of ignorance or bad education, just a sign of the times. I'm technically a millennial, but I can also tell the time on an analogue clockface. That said, I will always prefer digital clocks, simply because they're easier and quicker.

I think that's the reason analogue clocks are slowly getting dated. They're not necessarily as intuitive as their digital counterparts.


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#3 7 months ago

This is either completely exaggerated, or the place I live in is very different. I encounter analog clocks all the time every day, and not only because I have some hanging on my wall. The train stations for example all have analog clocks. Is this different in, say, the UK?

That said, the fact that digital clocks displace analog ones more and more is a good sign for a functioning technological progression. If this phase-out happens without too much public out-cry it's also a sign for a society that adapts well to progress.

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#4 7 months ago

A news report based on anecdotes from a few teachers is hardly a reliable representation of the whole. It's just millennial bashing - a thing that older folks seem to be taking quite a liking to in recent years.

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#5 7 months ago
Posted by Serio

...just a sign of the times. 

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#6 7 months ago

What's the difference between knowing how to read an analog and a digital? Time is fake anyway.

I personally have a bit of difficulty reading analog clocks, I know the basics but it takes me a bit to figure it out. But I mean, why bother when there's digital, come on, I have other shit to do too :P


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#7 7 months ago

Blow their minds by asking them to rewind their tapes.

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#8 7 months ago

Basically the only time I see an analogue clock face these days is when I look at my wrist watch, and I've got that largely to say 'Hey, meeting is over' without pulling my phone out and being a bit rude.

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#9 7 months ago
Posted by Nemmerle

Basically the only time I see an analogue clock face these days is when I look at my wrist watch, and I've got that largely to say 'Hey, meeting is over' without pulling my phone out and being a bit rude.

My watch is digital, so I don't see that either.

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#10 7 months ago

?what means analogue

is it like the clocks on the wall? i can read those just fine

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