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#11 13 years ago

oh no more "staff abuse" whines?! Please, if we wanted to abuse our powers, you would be crying rape!!

AzH - This thread (and the one in question) could have went on and didn't need to be closed. I have informed P_22 to use his "delete" button and to removethe spam before it builds up. I understand your reasons for concern, however posts like this (even though civil and normal and could be left open) are bait for people like FX-Fragger who like to whine like he has something to whine about. I'm thinking about putting a ban on his account so he actually does have something to whine about. :rolleyes:

P_22 was hired by me. An insult to him is an insult to me. Funny how people are fast to complain, when they have no clue the demandes on the role. It's called respect, and if you don't like it too danm bad. PM a Super Moderator.


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