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15th October 2005

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#11 8 years ago

Personally I don't think the word should be banned on the forums... but at the same time I would lose a lot of respect for people if it just started popping up willy-nilly for no reason.

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26th May 2003

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#12 8 years ago

Obankobi;5653387I think you've misunderstood the point of this discussion. It's not an attempt to get anything to change. It's a discussion on why I can't say nig every now and then, but can say chink all I'd like. It's not a practical discussion, but one of principle.

You say there were problems with nig before, and that's why it's banned. Well, okay, who abused it? They're probably gone from the forums now.

It would be a relatively simple matter to lift the ban, and reinstate it if someone is a tit about it. I bet no one would use it, except on rare occasion.

Look at what happened with CAPS abuse. Once it was allowed again, a few people were all OH LOOK CAPS, but then it died down, and people use it with the same frequency as when you had to do that [email] thing or use nct.

The reason it won't be unbanned is primarily racially motivated, out of some weird need to protect black people. Yes groups of "blacks" have been oppressed. Just like every single other "race" on the whole damn planet. It's an offensive word, but so is fuck, so is tits, so is chink. People say naughty things, and people here take it a bit too seriously IMO.

You're just leaping to the conclusions it's out of some 'weird need to protect black people.' The much simpler explanation is we just can't be arsed to alter something when the only likely outcomes we can imagine from doing so are negative, and can't be arsed to block a bunch of stuff that's never been a problem. That what you're interpreting as a straightforward matter of principle is infact principle tempered with pragmatism – and the weight you lend to one or the other in your considerations strongly determines your course of action and the interpretations that are going to be projected onto it.

You're discussing the status quo, and when you do that you need to provide some form of positive argument; reasons to follow the course of action you propose. If you can't do so, there's no particular problem of principle to solve.


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#13 8 years ago

Not leaping. I've good reason to think that. Again, no one is asking anyone to do anything. Did you see that? I'll say it one more time: No one is being asked to do anything. There we go.

As for the + argument, I do believe I have. I of course expected people to pick up on them themselves, as Anson has, but I guess some people just don't get the message from the way I wrote it. I was a bit round about in my approach. I'll try to spell it out, though it's a bit abstract an idea, and will take many pages to explain.

Banning one "racist" word and not others is racism. Treating races equally would decrease racism, which is a good thing.

Okay, so not a page, but I could have just said that in lieu of my entire post, looking back. So half my fault you didn't get what I was saying.

Perhaps I should rephrase it, or rather expand it, so that you and the other staff don't feel you're being attacked. That should alleviate your defensiveness a bit.

Why in (western) society is it generally okay to say chink and kong and cracker, but if you say nig, may all the gods of all the worlds save your sorry soul?

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26th May 2003

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#14 8 years ago

I don't know, maybe it's more of a your subculture thing than a Western society thing. I've never heard a Chinaman called a chink, or a gay person called a faggot, and I suspect it would totally not be okay. At the very least I wouldn't be okay with allowing that sort of general behaviour on here. That sort of language is the stuff that the overblown racist characters in films get given, not something that civilised people go around saying to each other in anything but incredibly niche circumstances.


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18th June 2008

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#15 8 years ago

The severity of racisim is really in the eye of the beholder, if you're talking strictly words. Actions, however are exponentially worse than words, no matter which group is being targeted.

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19th April 2004

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#16 8 years ago
Personally I can't think of a single situation where the N-word is needed, nor would I like to see it used, on these forums, outside of historical context.

I see FF/FFGF/GF as a bit more mature community than 4chan, reddit, and many of the other large public communities. As a more mature community I don't see the need for the n-word or excessive swearing in posts. Everyone on here should have enough self-restraint for a filter to be unnecessary. The reason I have stayed around as long as I have is because this forum has intelligent discussions while leaving enough room for people to have fun.

Why the moderation staff is allowing this discussion is beyond me.


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14th April 2007

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#17 8 years ago

Does it take a rocket scientist to figure out what naughty word in question is supposed to be, or people come up with euphemism or other alterative words? But I care not much if it is uncensored or not. We should be above such things anyway I guess.

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9th October 2007

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#18 8 years ago

Anson992;5653374The answer: maybe.

As a black individual I just want to say that racism as a whole and the use of racial slurs is all relative and dependent. To answer Einherjar, would I get offended if you made fun of gangstas? Perhaps a little. But it has more to do with the fact that I don't know you than it does anything else. I shall explain.

Walk into a community of strange black people (by strange, I mean you don't know them) and say that word. What do you think would happen to you? Nothing pleasant I can assure you... So for all intents and purposes, to everyone on these forums I am a strange black guy, because I really don't know any of you on a personal level.

NOW, I have white friends. Plenty of white friends... I'm in college, it was bound to happen eventually :p. Anyway, I have white friends with an assorted music collection, much like myself, who listen to anything from rap, rock, so video game soundtracks. So if you guys know rap music, the N-Word is prominent in most of it. Whatever. SO when me and these few friends are around and we're all rapping the songs, I don't have an issue with them saying the word. There are also scenarios outside of listening to rap music that I don't mind them saying the word.

But really whether or not a person that isn't a minority can say the word is all relative, and dependent on the black people in question. Because we all know a lot of you will say that shit when no one is around... and thats okay. Just be mindful. The same way that if you made fun of Republican candidates in a room full of republicans, or say "F*CK the White Sox" on the south side of Chicago in a train full of White Sox fans, you won't make fun of gangstas around black people you don't know, or say the n-word around black people who aren't comfortable with you saying it around them.

Its all about being mindful of your surroundings, yo.

You're completely right on that. Just that I didn't think that'd be the situation at the spam forum, since most of the very active members there are well known by each other... Without counting the occasional bot, that is :p

But yeah, it's true that it depends on the situation and that was exactly my initial point. Not that it really matters now, but yeah... I don't wanna look like a forum rebel here.

Anyhow, about the gangsta's question, thanks for the dettailed answer ^^ But I guess it just has to do with the person then. In my philosophy, I don't really believe in that there's any difference between races more than maybe the skincolor and some physical traits and I just divide people by either idiots and intelligent beings... In the first one I include anyone who's chap-like, or gangsta, or villero, flaite, or those kids around here who think they'e gansters while their mothers make pancakes for them, so I just mostly like to make fun of them, no matter nationality because... I dislike them, sorry if I'm not clear enough.

BTW, a bit out of topic... Why was it filtered in the first place? I'm just really curious since someone named a member on the suggestions thread =p


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29th May 2008

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#19 8 years ago

A word is only offensive when an individual says said word in a manner to insult another.

I have a few black friends, hell I lived in South Africa and to be really honest we used the N word for each other, even towards me. Even my current white and black friends use it. We just find it funny, walk into a room; see my mates "sup N's". I don't want to insult or offend anyone and never have.

Some people say "using it as a joke is offensive"- Sorry? Didn't realise you were the fucking English government, political correctness can suck my balls. Banning a word simply makes it more offensive. The more it is used, especially in a well presented manner, the less controversy concludes over said word. Basic bloody logic.

I have a Polish name, you think Granaski is English?, people mock me but always in good manner, never before have I ever been properly insulted by somebody which is shocking living in England.

When it comes down to it this is a forum connected to a website, not a country nor a political party. It's just a word, unban it for christ sake and simply ban those who use it in an offensive matter so we can all go back to simply having fun?

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#20 8 years ago

I wonder what word they'll be using to describe people of our generation in the next 100 years or so. I can think of a few...=p

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