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Admiral Donutz Advanced Member

Wanna go Double Dutch?

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9th December 2003

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#31 8 years ago

My husband is a real wanton (undisciplined). If he has set a target he will do anything to achief this. And the sporting stains he makes! -- Here -- The last thing you want as a (house)wife is that your husband looks gray and dingy in comparison to his team. Luckily I can always count on WhitePower. All those nice fresh white uniforms, free of stains. -- What's this?!! -- Next time I should wash my son's red Londsdale shirt seperatly! ++ white power, what is white should remain white ++

Wrong but hilarious. :rofl:


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15th October 2005

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#32 8 years ago

LOL oh my goodness, what the fuck did I just watch?

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9th October 2007

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#33 8 years ago

^ I wonder pretty much the same thing right now.



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30th August 2004

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#34 8 years ago

Ahh the Dutch, crazy yet lovable!


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20th August 2008

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#35 7 years ago

Oh damn! I used a racist word against Commissar Mercz in the Spam Forum Law Of Rule thread. I think I should edit my post and remove it immediately.

Commissar Mercz, if you're reading this post, I apologise for my mistake and assure you it was purely unintentional. Its very generous of you to not have protested against it.