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13th July 2004

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#1 13 years ago

Ahem, at work, we've recently had a Bird (or a couple of them actually) nesting in one of the roofs. We've three buildings, they're in the roof of the middle one. Anyway, sometime this month, or maybe last, the eggs hatched, and out came the baby birds. One of them flew today, and I was wondering... How do they know how to fly? Pretty much every creature that is born in todays world knows what to do. Birds know how to fly, Elephants and Tigers know how to walk, Chimps know how to climb, Dolphins know how to swim. Humans have to be taught everything. We don't suddenly stand up one day, and start walking. We've got to be edged on by our parents or carers. Why is this?


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4th June 2004

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#2 13 years ago

Well, walking on two legs is kind of unnatural if you look at everyone else. So it seems normal to not know how to stand up straight off. But I'm pretty sure we'd figure it out if we were left to our own devices... Also, something interesting thats a little related is that little babies know how to swim for the first few weeks of life, and then actually lose that ability. Just a little something extra to think about.

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16th January 2004

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#3 13 years ago

Because our lives do not depend on it. A gazelle that cannot run will get eaten. A dolphin that cannot swim will drown. A bird that cannot fly will starve or crash to the ground and die.

Due to human nature, we protect each other, and our children. Because of that the threats are "gone", and with that the need to be able to do these things at such a speed.