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#11 3 days ago

Oh man, don't get me started on the "wonderful" American healthcare system.

I don't know what's worse, wait times or affordability. Of course, my state (South Carolina) does have state mental healthcare clinics, but they are mediocre to terrible for anyone on a sliding scale. Both of the times I used them, I had half of my appointments cancelled. The second time I used them, they wouldn't remind me of appointments they didn't cancel, putting a lot of pressure on me to remember them. I felt like they were trying to create reasons to close my case and leave me out in the cold.

I'm also between $3k and $5k in hospital debt for emergency and vital services. I had to shut my cellphone off due to debt collector harassment. It's sad when a medical service saves your life then turns around and bills you for it. There are services to reduce or eliminate much of the cost, but with multiple clients billing you per visit, one of those usually don't participate in a charity service, so you're stuck with a bill you can't pay that will go to collections and possibly ruin your credit rating.

I hate to say it, but I envy places with universal healthcare. Privatized healthcare doesn't work if you can't pay for it, such as if you're too sick to work. Plus, private insurance and drug companies in the US are infested with corporate greed and exist in oligopolies, which are not competitive as much as Republicans will boast that competition brings down the prices.

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