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Admiral Donutz Advanced Member

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9th December 2003

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#11 15 years ago

Good to see you again! :)

MrFancypants Forum Administrator

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7th December 2003

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#12 15 years ago

Welcome back. :)


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#13 15 years ago

Were living in awful times at the moment but what can we do? We can hardly negotiate with men and women who are intent on killing other innocent folk. You're right these are awful times, but there are things we can do , unleash a bioterrism attack of smallpox , acros the entire globe, elimting The middle Eastern Threat. That'll Will teach those basterds to mess with the US, Britian, and Juruelism! Altough unfortly if we unleash it acrross the globe, we'd probalbly destroy ourselfs, so I suggest a diiferentplanbe in order, like summerge all of the middle east in the ocean:lol: :naughty:

Natasha K

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22nd July 2004

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#14 15 years ago

I feel deeply sorry for other Moslems as at the moment, they are all being tarred with the same brush. A majority of them are good but a lot of them are also bad. It must be awful having their religion tarnished by people like that. Best Wishes, Natasha


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16th September 2003

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#15 15 years ago

Unfortunately, it is something we have to deal with. Our society is full of close minded pricks who will identify someone of a different skin tone or religion as linked to the people who caused the deaths in London. This won't be just Muslims, because these idiots who will attack innocents will not differentiate between Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs. Anyone who looks Asian will be a target for thugs looking for a bit of payback.

These are the idiots who should be shipped to Iraq and forced to strip search suicide bombers.

FileTrekker Super Administrator

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15th December 2002

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#16 15 years ago

Exactly. Just because it may have been someone with skin color who did this or other terror attacks dosent mean they are speaking on behalf of there people. Alot of people from EVERY culture, race and religon have done awful things in the past but you dont judge that entire race on the actions of one or two people who don't know how to go about things.

Danny King | Editor-in-Chief | GameFront.comĀ 


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21st April 2005

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#17 15 years ago

Welcome back, Natasha even though i've never seen you on here,


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