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17th June 2003

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#31 14 years ago

I know HTML and Basic, but other programming codes aren't that difficult to decipher, I'm just not going to be creating any Microsoft Word applications anytime soon...


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20th April 2004

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#32 14 years ago

Ahh, yes. Basic thankyou riles. Thats the one.

But yeah, it's not like i'll be crancking up the ol' ANiAC Multi Switch Board and splashing out any "Quality time programming" either :lol:

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2nd September 2003

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#33 14 years ago
Jedi87130 Sheepeep, wheres a good place to learn PHP??? im starting to get into serverside tech like coldfusion and such....and i need to know these things...

I learned with three sites, one was hotscripts.com, another was phpfreaks.com (particularly their tutorials covering sessions and membership systems, pretty much a bit of everything in them) and once I understood the basic syntax of it I got the rest of my information from the php.net manual, something I did particularly for MySQL databases. I guess a fourth would be setting up a php testing ground on my own PC (which a few people have seen :p) so that I could learn without bandwidth issues.

Thats pretty much all I did really, I never read a book on PHP, I don't remember asking anyone for advice on it which is probably a bad thing, but I learned. The syntax of it helped me to learn (very) basic C++ and Perl too so it wasn't all a waste :p


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3rd July 2004

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#34 14 years ago

Thats Completely Confusing.