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#1 13 years ago

I'm a chinese sophomore.Our teacher gave us an assignment last week,she required us to tell about a famous company in the world,she also asked us to make it in powerpoint,then show it to the classmates.So I need some materials about EA,including its orign,introduction,CEO and so on...The reason I choose EA as my topic is that I like almost all the games made by it.BF2 is my favorite....You might ask why i dont search them myself,the answer is I can hardly open a abroad website in a day time,because our campus network is so lagged!As i'm not a english-speaking,I have some troubles in deciding what to fill in the blank of google.I typed EA company,or EA introduction,but i failed to find what i really want.What you need to do is to send the links you find.If you can help me,I'll be very thankful,please do me a favor!By the way,my MSN address is I'


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#2 13 years ago

Do your own assignments. This is not a school forum, it's a gaming forum.

Do not make anymore threads asking for help in assignments since its kind of takes away the purpose of the whole assignment.