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17th June 2003

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#281 14 years ago
RevenDo you meant the "Report Bad Post" function?

The report button works, just not the "Other" option with the textbox.

As for the zero-post advertisers - Why not have all the things we take for granted as rewards after so many posts. Not just URLs - Private messaging, avatars, signatures etc. Just like we used to have the "Advanced Membership" function when the Bank was here.

There are a lot of reasons people join these forums. Given the abundance of game specific forums and their modding subforums, many people come asking for help or showcasing their mod. Forcing them to have so many posts before being able to show off their work is going to be a pain for them. Signatures and avatars, if they are abused, those privileges can be taken away. It's happened before. When you take the number of spammed advertising/trolling/etc on a given day and compared that with the number of times those same features are used properly, there is a pretty large difference. Any problems are resolved pretty quickly and without any trouble. The majority of those offending posts are usually in the wrong forum, and moving them is an easy task. It sounds like the real problem is spamming over PMs. That's where people have to step up and report those things since the admins have no idea when it happens. If nothing is said, nothing can be done. :uhm:


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17th September 2003

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#282 14 years ago

/me agrees 100% with Mr. Riles

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#283 14 years ago
azraelzarohannforward those messages to me, i'll deal with the instigator most severely. :)

:naughty:. I think the report bad post thing is under used. Insted of using it and reporting a warez or p0rn containing post they just go and say "WTF? that is not allowed on GF your going to get banned!" I use it and it works very well...The post/thread is gone in about 15min. If i don't want to contact them that way I'll PM a supermod. The advert PM need to be stopped, even though i have yet to get one. Make some kind of limit ,like 10 posts Also in the user group theread i think there need to be some trimming done to the user groups before adding new ones.

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4th August 2003

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#284 14 years ago
PethegreatThe advert PM need to be stopped, even though i have yet to get one. Make some kind of limit ,like 10 posts

It was decided that there were too many drawbacks to any type of limit like that.