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9th October 2007

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#1 7 years ago

Greetings, my fellow forumgoers!

I just thought it might be an interesting discussion... Myself being greatly interested in history and origin of mankind and different traits and families, I'd like to take up this topic.

Well, to start, I'll tell a little of what I know about my own family (which isn't much... I think I could trace my family just back to the early 1800's or so).

From my mothers side, I've got lots of Spanish blood. Mom's grandmather was daughter to a Spaniard (Presumably a soldier from the Conquista-time) and a native (Mapuche). They went to Spain where my great grandmother was born. She even had Spanish nationality while living in Chile.

From fathers side, I know very little... Mostly because I have very little, or no contact at all with the ones that are still alive. But as far as I know, my grandmother was fully Mapuche and her husband... I don't remember a thing.

As far as I know, there's also some German somewhere in the family, but I'm not really sure... I think that's not even in my bloodline =p




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14th July 2004

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#2 7 years ago

Whilst it doesn't interest me that much, my Dad has this Family Tree he's been working on for as long as I can remember. He has traced his family all over the world; most of which originated in Wales it seems, though there are some over in Canada.

Not sure how far he's gone back though, will have to ask the question.



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29th November 2003

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#3 7 years ago

I don't know much about my mother's side, but at least my great grandparents on her side were all Finnish-speaking Finns born in Finland. One of my great grandmothers emigrated to the US as a child, but she obviously returned.

I know quite a lot more about dad's side, but it is also predominantly Finnish, although Swedish-speaking. There is at least a bit of Swedish and Russian somewhere in there, but it is all so distant that the only ancestor I know immigrated, was a great great great great great great great great grandfather who probably arrived from Pomerania. Even though Pomerania is in Germany, it was ruled by Sweden at that time and he had a Swedish name. I'm pretty sure I have other Swedish ancestors, but the information I have is lacking at best, and it is usually impossible to tell Finnish and Finland-Swedish names apart without digging further.

Even though several of my ancestors lived and worked in Russia during the Russian era, my only known Russian ancestry is from the 17th century, so I'm mostly very boringly Finnish.


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#4 7 years ago

My mum is rather obsessed with family tree stuff. Dads side is from Ireland, the left in the mid 1800's because of the Blight. My Moms is from England. The left because who knows. They thought Virginia would be a nice place to live?

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24th October 2007

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#5 7 years ago

I discussed this with Silberio yesterday, turns out I was wrong about my heritage, I looked it up after we spoke.

So I've got Irish, French, and Welsh in me (there was one more but they are sceptical of it). The Irish and French come from my mother's side; she says her father's father left France to start banking in Canada, and her mother's side was Irish who settled in Canada around the same time. My father's mother was from Wales but living in London, she met my father's father during the second world war. It's unclear where my grandfather comes from, his family tree is very long and they relocated many times over the centuries. I found out in February that there was a long line of Freemasons on his side, ultimately ending with my father (or at least that's what he says =p), it goes back quite far.

So yeah, death to the Assassins! =p

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#6 7 years ago

Mother's side

[INDENT]Grandfather served in a Scottish borderer's regiment. After the war spent most of his money on gambling. Got employed as a security guard. Great Grandfather ran away from the Circus to join the navy. Grandmother was a ballet dancer/teacher - but seperated from the school she was a part of because she thought she was worth more. Married Grandfather. Spent the rest of her years in poverty doing odd cleaning jobs and small crimes (i.e shoplifting) to make end meet.[/INDENT] Father's side

[INDENT]Grandfather was an architect from a family thereof. Immensely wealthy - wealthy enough to pay the higher-rate tax back when that was a good 90% or greater of your income. Squandered it, once his kids had moved out and his wife had died, sold his house. Ended out his days in a bungalow. Grandmother I know little about other than that she came from a wealthier family and - for some reason – never really worked much after getting married. Had a taste for wasting money. Died ages ago.[/INDENT]

That's pretty much what I've heard over the years. Doubtless there's more information available if I cared to ask for it, but I'm not really very interested in them to be honest. I've not met my mother's side of the family and I don't much like my father's side.

Oh and I've got a bunch of cousins running around somewhere whose names I can never remember.



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8th November 2005

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#7 7 years ago

Honestly, I couldn't tell you what comes from who for me, because I didn't pay much attention when someone in my family was telling me. My aunt had it traced back pretty damn far, but she died a few years back, so I can't ask her. My sister has all the records, but she and I don't talk anymore, so I can't ask her either. All I can tell you for sure is that I've got Danish, Swedish, Irish, Scottish, and Native American blood running through my veins. The only one of those I can nail down specifically is from my grandmother on my father's side, who was full blooded Native American. I've also got it from somewhere on my mother's side, but I don't know how far back it goes.

Disclaimer: Personal opinions still not endorsed by Ryojin.

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17th July 2006

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#8 7 years ago

I dont know much about my family history past my Great-Grandparents.

On my mothers side, both great-grandparents are Scottish in origin. My grandpa being a First Generation Canadian, and my grandmother a second.

On my Fathers side, my Great-Grandparents on my grandpa's side are both Scottish again, while on my grandmothers side, my Great-grandfather is British, and my Great-Grand mother is Norwegian.

Dont ask about the generations on my dad's side, I do not know.

So.. im 6/8's Scottish, 1/8 British, 1/8 Norwegian




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5th August 2003

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#9 7 years ago

I'm French Canadian and Irish on my father's side and Swiss (and possibly a little bit German if we go a long ways back) on my mother's side.

The French Canadian part of my family, which is my dad's mother's side of the family can trace their history in Canada all the way back to the 17 or 18th century when it was still a French colony. My great-uncle likes to joke that the French part of my family was kicked out of France for being horse-thieves, though I doubt there's any truth to the claim. I do know, however, that one my ancestors on this side of the family was the Archbishop of Montreal (or maybe it was another diocese or something).

My dad's father's side is Irish. They came to North America during the famine of the 1840s/1850s and settled in Quebec. Pretty standard story for North Americans of Irish descent: life goes to shit in Ireland, hop on crowded and disease-ridden ships, make new life in North America.

My mother's side of the family are Swiss. My grandparents on this side of the family came to Canada after WWII. I know less about this side of my family (partly because my grandparents on this side died before and shortly after I was born, and because my mother isn't close with her siblings), but from stories my mom has told, my grandmother's village in northern Switzerland was bombed accidentally by the Allies during the war, and my grandfather worked as a chemist in a glue factory in Nazi Germany before the war.


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#10 7 years ago

German and Irish on my mothers side. Grandfather German and Grandmother Irish. Still have family who live in Germany, not close family, more distant, but still family I guess. My Grandfather isn't fluent in German, but knows some. Taught me a little while growing up, unfortunately I don't remember much of it XD

Two years ago I found of my father isn't my biological father (I still consider him my one and only father! He's the best!!). The guy who is, well... Ehh just consider him my sperm donor. Anywho, this thread made me realize I know nothing about my blood on that side. I thought I had Cherokee Indian, English, French.. So actually just about 20 mins ago I called him and asked. Seems like I still have French blood in me! Scottish and Sioux Indian. But he said mostly French Cajun though (which I know nothing about so I am going to research that now!). When I met him I was wondering if his last name was French, totally sounded like it, guess I was right! Chauvin.

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