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18th April 2003

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#1 15 years ago

How do I.......?

1. Import 3ds meshes into BC (change from *.3ds to *.nif)? 2. Change *.iob (Imagine), *.lwo (Lightwave) to *.3ds ? Can't afford £200+ for commercal software as I only need it for a dozen or so meshes.

My primary need is getting my collection of StarTrek/StarWars and other meshes in 3ds format into BC .nif format but help with file conversion would also be usefull. I am an old git with time on my hands, and 20+ years messing about with .Puters behind me. I not very good at 3d modeling but am happy doing Python stuff Hardpoints etc... from exsisting meshes.

My current mustdo Project is the Galatica, mainly because it is requested on a regular basis (and it would seem ignored as regulary) whats up BC ppl ? Not affraid of the power of a fully functional Battlestar are we? But the only mesh I have found is in the wrong (not 3dmax) format, and further I don't know how to get the meshes into the right(*.nif) format for the game.

These are the ship meshes I have:

Battelstar Galactica in Imagine (*.iob)format (not sure who made this as the zip file has no .txt with it) _ | Minbari Fighter in Lightwave (*.lwo) | Minbari Flyer (*.lwo) | Minbari Warcruser (*.lwo) All Meshes by Mark Kane | Narn Cruser (*.lwo) | Starfury V.2 (*.lwo) - Space 1999 Eagle Transporter (*.3ds) mesh by ?

B5 Spacestation (*.mdl) by Steve Sloan II [email][/email]

Sulaco with Dropship(close defense missileboat role) Sulaco mesh - ?, Dropship mesh - [email][/email]

Other Projects I am currently considering:

Generic Borg Bridge set (ala STNG:"Best of Both Worlds" or Voyager:"Endgame") A Cockpit style Bridge set (for shuttles '2 crew', fighters '1 crew') A new AI for carrier opperations (maybe a formation attack for shuttles/fighters etc... like in Armada2)

Thunderbird 3 (just for a laugh)

Also (here's the tease!!!) A working wormhole/Jumpgate mod with entrance/transit/exit point.