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10th September 2007

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#1 4 years ago



Anyway. I pretty much feel like this:

Mostly just the worn out part, and yet, strangely, I do feel old :\

Like all the things that I wanted, and all the things I loved now everything is shown before me clear as day. It's all just a big disappointment with no reasonable ending for everyone. All I can do is just survive another day until I finally give out. And I'm not sure how much longer that'll be. I just wish there was something that I could do to counter this constant cloud. I've tried and worked very hard, but I don't really believe it'll ever be gone.

So, in the mean time, drinks are on me :beer:

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12th March 2006

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#2 4 years ago

Honestly, I think it would do some good to cut loose a little bit. Go have some fun, get drunk with strangers, get out of you comfort zone a little bit. Your in college man, it's okay.

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24th October 2007

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#3 4 years ago

I feel without purpose.

Is that the type of answer you're looking for? =p


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16th August 2008

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#4 4 years ago

Fuck working at McDonalds, and fuck this car insurance that I have to pay when all my money goes into gas.


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#5 4 years ago

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I didn't make it!

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#6 4 years ago

I feel like these drugs need to hurry the fuck up