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23rd September 2004

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#91 15 years ago

At this time Name changes are officially closed. All members that have asked for new names and have not recieved them, will still get their new names. Let's all thank AzH for doing this. *Closed*

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13th June 2003

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#92 15 years ago

COMPLETED: Old Name-IIXxWATISTHATxXII New Name-Stairway To Heaven

Old: Interloper New: El Hombre del Fuego

Old Name:aomFrEaK New Name Im Way Gooderest

Old name: Gogetenkz New name: Silentmichael

NEW NAME ALREADY EXISTS: Old: droopyman New: Yossarian

Old: FIVEskin New: Soldier

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#93 15 years ago
AzHThis opportunity will finish next Sunday (5th June) so get your request in quick.

Well the time has come and the name change opportunity is now over. If you didn't end up getting your name changed as requested, it was due to that name already being taken. All the name's can be found in the search option's we provided.

There is no set date for another 'name change' thread, but i am sure some where down the road there will be another one.

Please do not pm administrator's with request's to change your names. they will be ignored.